The MusicEDU Suite Webinar


It’s a big step incorporating e-learning into your music curriculum, but with more than a decade’s experience creating resources we can help you find the beat. Our  webinar outlines how The MusicEDU Suite can work for you. 


If you’re wondering how The MusicEDU Suite can benefit your school’s classrooms, whether you already have a music program or are developing one, our webinar will guide you through how the program makes students feel more engaged and cuts planning and admin time for teachers.

Is The MusicEDU Suite webinar for me?


It’s for you if you’re:


  • Rewriting or refreshing your school’s music program.

  • Trying to increase music elective numbers.

  • Catering to students with different music knowledge and skill levels.

  • Implementing industry-led topics into the classroom (or wanting to know where to start).

  • Looking for a new spin on traditional topics.

  • Working in a school with a focus on STEM and STEAM.

What will I discover?


You’ll get an insight into The MusicEDU Suite, understand how it looks, how it functions, and how it could work with your classroom music programs. Our webinar will give you the right information so you can go to your team and have a discussion about how The MusicEDU Suite will bring a fresh groove to your classes.


The webinar covers:


  • The structure of the five programs and the ways you can shape them to enhance your music programs.

  • The difference between using software and The MusicEDU Suite.

  • How The MusicEDU Suite caters for differentiated learning.

  • How The MusicEDU Suite puts a new spin on traditional topics and curriculum units.

  • The flexibility of The Suite when it comes to lesson delivery and students submitting their work.

  • The variety of the repertoire included in The MusicEDU Suite subscription.

  • How teachers can receive accredited professional development hours from implementing The Suite.

  • What steps you need to take to begin using The Suite.


Of course, we’ll make sure you get everything else you need to know about The MusicEDU Suite once you’ve completed the webinar, and you can contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at any time with questions.


Take The MusicEDU Suite webinar at a time that suits you and your colleagues.  Register below.