Building Soundtracks

Bringing the story to life through music

Back by popular demand, composer, musician, writer, and ABC Classic presenter, Meena Shamaly joins the MusicEDU webinar panel again for GameComposer – Building Soundtracks!

Join us for a lively discussion on Dynamic Music and its purpose and impact on the narrative of video games. 

This interactive webinar is about bringing stories to life through music.

Together, we’ll explore the effect of dynamic scoring, and the compositional devices used in a range of video game music.

Discover how to ‘level up’ your students’ understanding of rhythmic, harmonic, and expressive techniques using real-world, relevant topics like video gaming, and discuss the inspirations your students can draw from, across many subjects, to further develop their music writing journeys. 

In this MusicEDU exclusive event, we’ll also have the opportunity to analyse the theme from the recently released Australian video game Innchanted with one of the composers of the original soundtrack – the one and only Meena Shamaly!  

So clear your diary, save your seat, and get your GAME ON

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Special Guest:


ABC Radio Presenter, Composer, Musician

Meena Shamaly is a composer, musician, poet, and radio presenter.

As a composer, his work centres around creating music for stories, through the mediums of film, video games, and theatre. As a songwriter and poet, he tells stories of hope, justice, faith, and reasons to love and laugh.

Meena is the host of the Game Show on ABC Classic FM, where he presents and speaks on the diverse and beautiful music of video games each week to a national Australian (and online global) audience.

Heather Crawford

MusicEDU Ambassador & Program Content Creator

As a music educator for over two decades, Heather has a wealth of experience and expertise in the classroom and beyond. She is particularly enthusiastic about video game music and was commissioned to create GameComposer for the MusicEDU Suite.

As well as being a faculty leader and educator, Heather is a busy performer, tutor and conductor. She enjoys working with young musicians as they find their performance pathways and acknowledges the challenges faced finding the best resources that support and accelerate their development.

Heather has been a long-time user and supporter of MusicEDU, and we are proud to have her join us for this wonderful new webinar, connecting students with music educators across the world


MusicEDU School Success Manager & Content Creator

Following a successful career as a Music Teacher and more recently, Coordinator of Music Curriculum, John’s passion has led him to join the MusicEDU team. 

John enjoys bringing new experiences to students in the classroom. Finding each student’s individual interests, strengths, and passions inspires and motivates him. 

Game Composer

8 Engaging Sessions

Learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of video game music (VGM) while acquiring the aural, analytical, and compositional techniques that go hand in hand with this hugely popular topic.

The Video Game Industry brings in three times the revenue of the music industry. It’s seriously BIG business with its doors wide open for the modern musician.

In GameComposer, students will learn:

  • The cultural, social, and historical aspects of VGM
  • Genre exploration
  • Time Signatures
  • Aural and compositional techniques
  • Analytical skills
  • Leitmotif Creation
  • Digital Portfolio creation

Teach them what they need, give them what they want…
in a language this generation speaks.

Professional Development

Your time spent up-skilling is recognised as
accredited professional development.

Professional Development certificates are available on request for MusicEDU Suite subscribers on completion of MusicEDU webinars.

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