Keyboard Evolution

The classroom music program your students will love.

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Increase engagement with Keyboard Evolution

Supporting music teachers with differentiated learning environments, this is more than just a Keyboard program.

Keyboard Evolution

Embrace differentiation.

With 12 fun and easy to understand sessions, Keyboard Evolution is a classroom performance program that allows both beginner music students and advanced learners to develop at the same time.

Supporting music teachers with differentiated learning environments, Keyboard Evolution includes 3 introductory sessions to get students playing and interacting with technology, and 9 genre-based sessions.

Keyboard Evolution can be used with:

Stand-alone keyboards

Midi Lab. 

More than just keyboards.

To offer you more flexibility in how you teach, Keyboard Evolution has:

  • Guitar Chords
  • Ukulele chords
  • Extension scores
  • Backing tracks

Sheet Music Included

Lead parts, guitar chords, guitar tabs, ukulele tabs, and extension scores are included for all sheet music songs.

Performance Tasks

Designed to cater to students at all levels, Keyboard Evolution’s repertoire includes solos and classroom ensembles.

Professionally Mastered Tracks

These are included for all sheet music songs in Keyboard Evolution. Many songs also have versions at a slower tempo to fast-track student success.

Instructional Videos

These comprehensive videos provide step-by-step instructions to walk you through the learning, and hardware and software options.

Refresh your music program.

“Keyboard Evolution has been a great success with our Year 7s and 8s. There’s something for all levels, and I’ve been easily able to keep the advanced students engaged.”
Mark Dishong
Medford Middle School, New Jersey, USA
"We have many students who experience music for the first time in Year 7 classroom music. With Keyboard Evolution, we have them playing and performing quickly. For those who have some prior experience, we can extend them easily. The students love the interactivity of the resources and the demonstration videos."
Jasmine Atkins
Cessnock High School, AUS

Got questions? Here's answers!

Don’t have keyboards stacked to the ceiling? No problem! One keyboard shared between two students is more than fine. Keyboard Evolution can also be implemented with keyboard midi-controllers, guitars, and ukuleles to bring you more flexibility in how you teach!

Keyboard Evolution has been designed so you can implement the courseware and sheetmusic with stand alone keyboards, midi controllers, glockenspiels, xylophones and/or guitars and ukes!

Not at all. Keyboard Evolution is designed so that all music (and non-music) teachers can facilitate the program. This makes it easier for relief teachers to continue lessons with minimal disruption.

Every piece of repertoire in Keyboard Evolution comes with a selection of different parts to engage students of differing ability levels – including extension tasks for your more advanced students!

With MusicEDU, your time spent furthering your career does not go unnoticed! Teacher PD videos provide step-by-step instructions on all aspects of Keyboard Evolution, as well as suggestions on ways to implement the program. The MusicEDU site logs the time you spend watching our PD videos, and can provide you with a certificate upon request.

Keyboard Evolution offers a diverse range of repertoire across many different genres so there will definitely be repertoire that you and your students will recognise and enjoy.

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