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The MusicEDU Suite is an e-learning strategy designed for students in years 6 to 10. It can be integrated into your existing classroom music curriculum or be used as the basis for a new one. And it can be used on any digital platform, both in and out of the classroom. 


We are pioneers in blended learning and have helped more than 400 schools improve their music programs to the benefit of more than 100,000 students. Your school could be next.


If you’re ready to fully engage your music students and fast track their success, while reducing your volume of planning, marking and administration, it’s time to add The MusicEDU Suite to your school’s resources.

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Music Class

Help them find their rhythm

Teenagers love music. It helps them express themselves. It gets them working with others. It helps them accomplish goals and teaches them all sorts of skills – numeracy, literacy, self-discipline – they can take to university and into the working world.


We know you love music, too. You listen to it, you play it, you teach it. You run band practice before school, classes during the day, choir at lunchtime and rehearsals for the school musical in the evenings.


And that’s where we can help: giving you more time to interact with your students by reducing the amount of admin you have to do each day.


There is nothing that gives us greater joy than seeing you pass on your passion to the next generation of music students.


We want students to learn and thrive. To play Beethoven and the Beatles. To harness their own creativity. To discover the joy of working and playing with others or to create and perform a piece on their own. 


We can help you achieve all that for them.

What's included?

The MusicEDU Suite is a collection of 5 unique programs, each is mapped to meet curriculum standards and designed to engage your students.
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5 Programs designed to maximise engagement in middle-school music.

When you subscribe to The MusicEDU Suite, you and your students have access to all five curriculum programs. Integrate the resources into your school's curriculum, and you’ll see students who are more engaged and teachers who have more time to spend in the classroom thanks to significant reductions in their planning workloads. It’s a win-win!


ar classroom

Bring Augmented Reality into the classroom as students explore this incredible new area of technology. AR classroom brings music and augmented reality together into one cutting edge program to keep students engaged from start to finish!



How cool would it be to be a DJ?! Your students will be just that once they have completed the TrackFormers program! TrackFormers takes students through the fundamentals of DJing and mixing through to beat-matching and performing as a DJ.


keyboard evolution

With the fundamentals of music covered in one program, Keyboard Evolution walks students through the basics of music concepts, teaching them how to read and understand music. They'll be playing, creating and performing by the end of their first encounter.


studio sessions

Ever wanted to understand what goes on behind the scenes in a recording studio?

Studio Sessions unveils the mystery and creates a pathway through the world of producing, audio recording & film composition.


game composer

Video Games are one of the most popular past-times in our world today. What could be more fun than understanding and creating music to be used in a video game? GameComposer gives students the basics they need to start working towards a career in this exciting field!


The MusicEDU Story

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Meeting your needs

We work with schools large and small, from the city to the bush, and even internationally. Each has a unique story and students from diverse backgrounds. We understand that every school is different, and can provide a personalised quote for your music department’s needs.

Class Raising Hands

Every aspect of The MusicEDU Suite is specifically designed to engage students in years 6 to 10, regardless of their music experience.

The MusicEDU Suite is for you, if you're...

Rewriting or refreshing your school’s music program

Programs can run sequentially to give a term or semester a makeover, or  they can be used to enhance the program you already have.

Catering to students with different music knowledge and skill levels

Differentiation is a huge challenge in the music classroom. With the MusicEDU Suite, students with little to no prior music experience can achieve success while accomplished music students can continue to develop.

Working in a school with a focus on STEM and STEAM

It’s a brave new world out there. Schools everywhere are introducing STEM as part of their lesson plans - our programs help bring the latest technology into the music classroom.

Trying to increase music elective numbers

The MusicEDU Suite is designed to actively engage students by creating an enjoyable learning environment. By incorporating industry-led and relevant programs within the MusicEDU Suite, you'll find music is a subject more students choose to elect.

Continuing your Professional Development

Gain accredited PD hours from implementing The MusicEDU Suite.

Looking for ways to connect with students

Our content is ready to teach and mapped to curriculum standards. With flexible delivery options, assessments marked by the website, and engaging topics, you'll spend less time at your desk and more time connecting with your students.

Young Teacher
A Boy and His Tablet Device
Supported on all devices

Our programs are cloud-based and accessible on all devices.

Student logins can be created with a single sign-on option for further LMS integration.



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“There’s nothing else that caters for creativity and composition like The MusicEDU Suite."

Kieran Hurley
Director of Music,

Guildford Grammar, WA

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