Teach them what they need to know,
through the music they love.

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GameComposer opens doors for the modern musician. ​

The video game industry is bigger than the music and movie industries combined.

– Federal Trade Commission 2022


8 Engaging Sessions

Learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of video game music (VGM) while acquiring the aural, analytical, and compositional techniques that go hand in hand with this hugely popular topic.

The Video Game Industry brings in three times the revenue of the music industry. It’s seriously BIG business with its doors wide open for the modern musician.

In GameComposer, students will learn:

  • The cultural, social, and historical aspects of VGM
  • Genre exploration
  • Time Signatures
  • Aural and compositional techniques
  • Analytical skills
  • Leitmotif Creation
  • Digital Portfolio creation

Teach them what they need, give them what they want…
in a language this generation speaks.

Creative & Composition Tasks

Students discover how to create music for video games including action scenes, game characters and songwriting.

Engaging Sessions

Each session focuses on a famous game and its composer, analyses the techniques and concepts used in their music.

Sequential or Module Based

GameComposer has been designed so that it can be implemented sequentially or using a module-based approach.

Instructional Videos

These comprehensive videos provide step-by-step instructions to walk you through the learning and software options.

Reimagine the future of music education.

"When we started with MusicEDU we did a little tech - 2 years down the road we have our students presenting digital portfolios with confidence."
Wanda Mitchel
Hamptons City Schools, Virginia, USA
“I’m excited by the standard of work the girls are producing - well beyond my original expectations. It’s great to have a resource that will engage & stretch my students, and inspire me to try new things."
Jessica Dawes
Rockhampton Girls Grammar AUS

Got questions? Here's answers!

No gaming experience is necessary! Teaching Video Game Music as a classroom topic is comparable to teaching Film Music (with a little more interactivity)! 

MusicEDU provides all the resources you’ll need to deliver an engaging and enriching classroom experience. It’s music, in a language this generation speaks!

None of the activities in GameComposer involve playing the games themselves.

GameComposer focuses on composing, performing, and responding to music found in Video Games, with a range of repertoire, videos, and music from a variety of popular games. 

Sessions of GameComposer require both a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and Notation software, depending on the task. We support a range of software, including free, cloud-based options. A full list of supported software can be found here.

In GameComposer your students will be creating a number of compositions throughout the program. We recommend students collate their work in a digital portfolio, which is an online (digital) collection (portfolio) of each submitted task. 

MusicEDU provides the resources and easy to follow, step-by-step instruction on the best way to create digital portfolios in your Teacher Resources section of The Suite.

Of course! It’s important that the time you spend up-skilling and furthering your career is recognised! 

MusicEDU provides PD videos covering each task in GameComposer, assessment ideas and even suggestions on ways to implement the program. The time you’ve spent watching our PD videos is logged by the MusicEDU site, and we can provide you with a certificate upon request.

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