AR Classroom

It’s music, in a language this generation speaks.

An out-of-this-world classroom experience.

Explore key musical concepts through 21st Century Learning with AR Classroom.

AR Classroom

Meet the future of education.

Augmented Reality (AR) complements traditional teaching methods in 6 amazing, innovative, and interactive music curriculum sessions.

Focusing on real-world topics with traditional music theory and delivered using practical AR experiences, AR Classroom meets curriculum standards, increases engagement, and gives teachers their time back.

To experience out-of-this-world music classroom inspiration, look no further than AR Classroom: 

  • Learn and explore musical concepts
  • Solidify learning through augmented reality
  • Re-create musical concepts in creation and composition tasks 
  • Build interactive AR experiences to showcase projects.

21st Century Learning

Integrating up-to-date technology and learning into the classroom, AR Classroom fosters critical thinking, develops real-world skills and delivers STEAM learning into music.

Showcase Student Work

Building AR experiences to house projects enables students to showcase their work to friends & family, building a bridge between school and home.

Creative & Composition Tasks

The program incorporates AR learning experiences and tasks in creativity and composition.

Instructional Videos

These comprehensive videos provide step-by-step instructions to walk you through the learning and practical tasks.

Experience the future of music education.

“I’ve just finished a beautiful lesson with my Year 7s who have excitedly started planning their AR animal soundscapes. Incredible levels of engagement!”
Lara Boyle
Middle School Head of Faculty – Creativity Lourdes Hill College
“In our first term with the MusicEDU Suite we have seen our student engagement increase threefold! It’s great to see all the students enjoying, accomplishing and being involved in their learning.”
Cessnock High School

Got questions? Here's answers!

To engage with an AR experience, students will require access to a device with a rear facing camera. This includes most smartphones and tablets.

Talk to your MusicEDU representative in your consultation call for alternative solutions if required.

Experiencing and creating in Augmented Reality (AR) provides rich, cross-curricular STEM connections for your students, specifically in coding and technology. 

Students also gain self-efficacy as they develop new skills while also implementing their knowledge and love of music. 

For students to create their AR experiences, we use Metaverse, a free, cloud-based software that is compatible with all devices. For composition tasks we offer a range of options, including free cloud-based software. 

A full list of compatible software can be found here.

No experience necessary! For many schools, AR Classroom is their first time using Augmented Reality! 

We provide professionally made AR experiences customised for schools, as well as step-by-step tutorial videos to walk your students (and you) through the creation of the AR experiences. 

Most laptops and tablet devices are supported with software options on different platforms for students to complete tasks for assessment.

To engage with an AR experience, students will require access to a device with a rear facing camera. This includes most smartphones and tablets. 

A full list of supported hardware and software can be found here.

Talk to your MusicEDU representative in your consultation call if you need assistance with this.

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