About MusicEDU

The MusicEDU story begins with one woman whose mission
was to give every student the opportunity to engage in,
and love learning music.

12 years, 5 countries, and 180,000 students later,
we look back on our humble beginnings and know that
we’ve only just begun. 

As the world evolves, MusicEDU evolves.

Our mission stays the same...

We’re for students

We want all teenagers to benefit from having music in their school lives.

Practising music encourages teamwork, confidence and empathy, It helps students discover the satisfaction of creating rather than merely consuming.

We’re for teachers

The implementation of a new music program shouldn’t come at the expense of you, the teachers, who already spend long hours planning curriculum, and running classes and extracurricular activities.

Our programs take the pain (and time) out of planning and admin. MusicEDU supports teachers every step of the way.

We’re for the future

MusicEDU makes teaching music in this fast-changing, digital world easier, more accessible, and enjoyable for teachers. 

We provide progressive and engaging content to immerse students in the love of learning music, and give them the tools and knowledge they need for a successful future in a modern world.

Meet the MusicEDU team

Kate Hargreaves

Founder & CEO

Kate studied music from an early age, and after completing a degree in music performance, majoring in trombone at the Sydney Conservatorium, she began her career performing with companies including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Opera Ballet Orchestra, and many more before moving into more corporate roles, working for Yamaha Music Australia and Casio.

With a vision to engage students in classroom music in a way they’d find enjoyable and rewarding, Kate launched MusicEDU in 2011. Her goal continues to be achieved internationally as we integrate progressive teaching techniques and technology into secondary and middle schools using The MusicEDU Suite.

Kate is a regular presenter at Music Technology & Music Association conferences throughout Australia and New Zealand and returned to the USA in 2023 to present on Immersive Technologies, DJing, and Video Game Music Composition and their place in the modern music classroom at the TMEA conference in Texas and the NJMEA Conference in New Jersey.

John Hodder

Curriculum Specialist and Program Updates

Nicole Nighthawk

Graphic Designer

Cameron Redpath

School Success & Affiliate Marketing

Heather Crawford

Content Creator: GameComposer

Nino Brown

DJ Content Creator: TrackFormers

Rob Woodward

Scores and Arrangements

Alicia Keizer

AR Developer: AR Classroom

Leigh Prior


Benedict Jatico

Operations and IT

Katie Gibson

Community Administrator

Joshua Cowie

Content Creator

Winona Wrigley

Research and Admin Assistant

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