“It’s all about the gig”

In this fascinating MusicEDU exclusive webinar, MusicEDU’s John Hodder and Heather Crawford meet with Gig Based Learning’s Co-founders Brad Fuller and Peter Orenstein to discuss and learn about this innovative educational approach integrating real-world, project-based tasks into the curriculum, enabling students to develop practical skills and relevant experience while solving authentic problems.


In 2013, Brad Fuller met Peter Orenstein at a school in Sydney, Australia. As they attempted to distil their experiences as musicians and educators, they landed at the phrase: It’s all about the Gig. 

They felt it captured the process by which musicians are driven to study, write/source, and rehearse music by the opportunity to share the created product with an audience (the gig). 

Working from this maxim, they developed Gig Based Learning (GBL).

Gig Based Learning emphasises:

  • collaboration
  • critical thinking
  • adaptability

and prepares students for the evolving demands of the modern workforce while having fun!

Gig Based Learning removes the barriers between teacher and student, artist and technician, art music and popular music, traditional instruments and technology by focusing on using the best tools to tell the story.

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Brad Fuller

Co-Founder - Gig Based Learning

Electric Bassist and Educator, Brad Fuller has over 35 years of experience in music and education in almost every setting imaginable. Since 2000, he has shared his work in music education with teachers around the world in person and as a pioneer of online teacher training. Brad is completing his PhD in music education with Dr James Humberstone, FRSA at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he also lectures in a range of graduate and post graduate courses. In addition to his studies, Brad is a presenter with Teacher Training Australia and an examiner with the Australian Music Examinations Board

This is 2012 Brad – aka “Peak Brad”. Brad has used it exclusively for any required profile shot since 2012. He can’t see the point in taking another photo since that peak, after a great summer holiday left him lightly tanned and full of hope. Due to its Internet ubiquity, it’s become a favourite for Brad’s students as a source for memes.

Peter Orenstein

Co-Founder - Gig Based Learning

A saxophonist in Hot Potato Band (a larger-than-life brass collective known for energetic and interactive musical performances) and former music teacher at Northern Beaches Christian School, Australia, Peter began his journey as a music educator riffing with Brad about the history of Brad’s work and what that meant for the students in front of them.

Peter’s goal is that one day he too will have a ‘Peak Pete’ profile picture.

John Hodder

MusicEDU School Success Manager & Content Creator

Following a successful career as a Music Teacher and more recently, Coordinator of Music Curriculum, John’s passion has led him to join the MusicEDU team. 

John enjoys bringing new experiences to students in the classroom. Finding each student’s individual interests, strengths, and passions inspires and motivates him. 

Heather Crawford

MusicEDU Ambassador & Program Content Creator

As a music educator for over two decades, Heather has a wealth of experience and expertise in the classroom and beyond. She is particularly enthusiastic about video game music and was commissioned to create GameComposer for the MusicEDU Suite.

Heather has been a long-time user and supporter of MusicEDU. She enjoys working with young musicians as they find their performance pathways and acknowledges the challenges faced finding the best resources that support and accelerate their development.

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