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It seems like only yesterday that Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a science-fiction concept. 

But it’s here and already a part of our daily lives.

AI technology can already compose, generate, and enhance musical content. From AI mastering services like LANDR, to complete artist voice cloning services, its uses in the music industry have reached far and wide.

Join MusicEDU’s CEO Kate Hargreaves and Curriculum Specialist John Hodder as they explore the pros and cons of AI and discuss the big topics: the ethics, academic integrity and copyright concerns around Generative AI for assessment.  

Kate and John are joined by Music Educator Peter Orenstein – Co-Director of Gig Based Learning and Hot Potato Band’s Baritone Saxophonist. Together, they examine the possibilities of AI as a powerful classroom tool and what it means for the future or teaching.

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Kates Hargreaves

MusicEDU Founder & CEO

Kate studied music from an early age, and after completing a degree in music performance, majoring in trombone at the Sydney Conservatorium, she began her career performing with companies including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Opera Ballet Orchestra, and many more before moving into more corporate roles, working for Yamaha Music Australia and Casio.

With a vision to engage students in classroom music in a way they’d find enjoyable and rewarding, Kate launched MusicEDU in 2011. Her goal continues to be achieved internationally as we integrate progressive teaching techniques and technology into secondary and middle schools using The MusicEDU Suite.

Peter Orenstein

Gig Based Learning Co-Founder & Music Educator

Pete is a seasoned baritone saxophonist and passionate music educator. Previously a high school music teacher, Pete’s love for music and teaching is infectious. He holds a Bachelor of Music/Education from the University of New South Wales and a Master in Education (Educational Technology) from Macquarie University, reflecting his keen interest in the intersection of music and technology in learning.

John Hodder

MusicEDU Curriculum Specialist & School Success Manager

Following a successful career as a Music Teacher and Coordinator of Music Curriculum, John brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Curriculum Specialist at MusicEDU. His profound passion for Music, Media, and Curriculum has driven him to contribute his skills to the MusicEDU team.

In his capacity as a Curriculum Specialist, John leverages his extensive knowledge in the intersection of technology and music education to positively impact educators worldwide. In addition to his passion for curriculum, John is also an arranger, conductor, saxophonist, photographer, and has directed, produced and acted in a number of short films.

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Ai In the Music Classroom

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This webinar covers a range of topics around Artificial Intelligence in the Music classroom. Teachers will gain a greater understanding of what AI is, by learning about common terms and issues surrounding AI platforms (particularly their shortcomings). Also covered are teaching strategies and pedagogy around using AI as a method of student engagement and to support accessibility and differentiation. 

A range of AI applications are discussed, and how they can be implemented in to the classroom. The ethical and legal considerations around using these AI tools are also discussed, along with teaching strategies to assist with proving the authenticity of student work and academic integrity. 

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