Julie Elven

The Voice of Many Worlds

Meet with the enchanting, fabulous, and multi-talented Julie Elven. 

A legend in the world of video game, film, and TV music, Julie talks candidly with the MusicEDU webinar team about the role of vocals in soundtracks, vocal health and its challenges, how to start a career as a session musician, and tips to creating a simple home studio setup for recording.

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Julie Elven

Julie Elven is a soundtrack vocalist, musician and composer based in Munich, Germany. She regularly performs as a concert soloist with orchestras and ensembles internationally.

She has been a soloist for Hollywood composers James Newton Howard, Lorne Balfe and Andrew Kawczynski, as well as for Hans Zimmer’s scoring company Bleeding Fingers Music. A featured solo vocalist on the GRAMMY long-listed and BAFTA winning video game Horizon Forbidden West, as well as the vocalist of the BAFTA nominated Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack, Julie was invited into the Recording Academy as a Grammy voting member in 2023.

As a composer and songwriter for some of the game and soundtrack projects she is working on, Julie composes original acoustic cinematic music which she records with her piano, violin and voice.

Julie regularly gives interviews and masterclasses to music universities and, in addition to music, Julie is a trained speech and language therapist and still works in this field in a medical speech pathology practice. As well as helping patients with a diverse array of speech problems, she specialises in voice therapy, helping teachers, actors, classical singers etc. with vocal cord damage, hoarseness and voice problems. She also specialises in trans clients’ vocal care and voice training.

Heather Crawford

MusicEDU Ambassador & Program Content Creator

As a music educator for over two decades, Heather has a wealth of experience and expertise in the classroom and beyond. She is particularly enthusiastic about video game music and was commissioned to create GameComposer for the MusicEDU Suite.

Heather has been a long-time user and supporter of MusicEDU. She enjoys working with young musicians as they find their performance pathways and acknowledges the challenges faced finding the best resources that support and accelerate their development.

John Hodder

MusicEDU Curriculum Specialist, School Success Manager

Following a successful career as a Music Teacher and more recently, Coordinator of Music Curriculum, John’s passion has led him to join the MusicEDU team. 

John enjoys bringing new experiences to students in the classroom. Finding each student’s individual interests, strengths, and passions inspires and motivates him. 

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