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In this freshly-baked professional development webinar, MusicEDU’s John Hodder and Heather Crawford dig deep with Hot Potato Band’s Simon Ghali and Peter Orenstein to get their winning recipe for invigorating school music programs with their unique approach to the development of performance techniques through movement and expression.

With their seriously unserious (but seriously good) live performances and interactive educational workshops, the Hot Potato Band collaborates with school bands to inspire teachers and fire-up students’ interest in school band programs.

Showing students the power of music and creating authentic learning experiences with a strong focus on performance technique, musical expression, and improvisation, the Hot Potato Band serves up an unforgettable experience that leaves students talking for years to come.

If you’re looking to make your school’s music program more a-peel-ing to students, increase Elective Music numbers, and improve student engagement and participation, this webinar is not to be missed!

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Hot Potato Band

Hot Potato Band’s larger-than-life brass collective is a breath of fresh air, setting a new bar for energetic and interactive musical performances. Their positive coastal energy pushes euphoric boundaries in their bold quest to reignite acoustic instrumentation. 

The band’s ten year street performing history and unique sound is built on the backs of three drummers, a sousaphone and five horns that cover catchy chorus lines, providing a beautiful harmonic cloud for Ben (vocalist) to float above. HPB is un-bound by genres, stages and audiences. They are re-inventive of the traditional street brass band as a modern day dance machine and visual spectacle for all demographics with a strong sense of pride for their fun-loving, organic, and quirky musical nature.

Simon Ghali

Simon is a highly accomplished band leader, drummer, percussionist, and songwriter known for his deep passion for music & performance. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he began managing and booking bands at the young age of 15, showcasing his drive and dedication to the music industry. Founding Hot Potato Band in 2009, he continues to operate as band leader, manager, booking agent, songwriter, show producer, and “man of the many hats”, especially those that most musicians don’t like to wear.

Throughout his life he has performed with diverse & eclectic groups across genres such as Samba, Ska, Folk, Indie-Pop, Celtic, Afro-Cuban, World and Jazz-Funk, sharing the stage with renowned Australian and international artists. As a respected booking agent and professional consultant, he supports numerous acts throughout Australia and New Zealand, leveraging his industry insights to guide and connect artists. Beyond performing, he is committed to education and actively engages with the community through workshops, and leading ensembles in schools.

Peter Orenstein

Pete is a seasoned baritone saxophonist and passionate music educator. Previously a high school music teacher, Pete’s love for music and teaching is infectious. He holds a Bachelor of Music/Education from the University of New South Wales and a Master in Education (Educational Technology) from Macquarie University, reflecting his keen interest in the intersection of music and technology in learning.

In his dual role at HPB, Pete serves as both the production manager for HPB and the director of the ‘HPB in Schools Program’. Balancing these roles, he not only ensures smooth band operations on the stage but also helps facilitate HPB to bring the joy of live music to countless students. Beyond HPB, Pete extends his influence on the future of music education. He serves as a casual lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and as a music education consultant, using these platforms to inspire and guide both educators and students.

Heather Crawford

MusicEDU Ambassador & Program Content Creator

As a music educator for over two decades, Heather has a wealth of experience and expertise in the classroom and beyond. She is particularly enthusiastic about video game music and was commissioned to create GameComposer for the MusicEDU Suite.

Heather has been a long-time user and supporter of MusicEDU. She enjoys working with young musicians as they find their performance pathways and acknowledges the challenges faced finding the best resources that support and accelerate their development.

John Hodder

MusicEDU Curriculum Specialist, School Success Manager & Hot Potato Band Mega-fan

Following a successful career as a Music Teacher and more recently, Coordinator of Music Curriculum, John’s passion has led him to join the MusicEDU team. 

John enjoys bringing new experiences to students in the classroom. Finding each student’s individual interests, strengths, and passions inspires and motivates him. 

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