Terms &  Conditions
  • No duplication, printing or file-sharing of the E-books is permitted under Copyright regulations. If a school is audited and found to be in breach of the Copyright licensing agreements, substantial fines may be incurred from APRA/AMCOS, and immediate termination from the program will occur.

  • The MusicEDU Suite pricing is based on the number of students accessing the resources during the course of a year. Each Student requires an individual login; therefore, student logins are not transferable from term to term.

  • Subscription packages are renewed annually.

  • No refund is available for expired or cancelled licenses.

Refunds & Returns

Due to music copyright regulations, no subscription refunds or returns can be issued once a quote has been accepted or purchase order has been received.

Website Access Policy​
  • All orders are processed & dispatched within 48 hours upon receipt of the purchase order. 

  • Teacher Logins are processed upon receipt of the purchase order, and student logins are processed upon payment. Logins are dispatched via email within 1-2 business days upon completion of the teacher or student login request form.