The science of choosing the right guitar

In the construction of a guitar, science is a key element toward understanding function, quality and structure of the sounds that are produced. Measurements and fine-tuning are essential elements in crafting guitars as explained by Ray Beck at Beginner Guitar HQ. Keep reading to explore facts from his intriguing guide.

Science and Sound

Music is always thought of as an art, but it is also a science. As we all know, sound is produced by vibration. The frequency of the vibration is what creates different sounds. The vibrations are joined into patterns that elicit the beauty and emotions we enjoy from music.

Guitar teaching resource for music teachers

Ray Beck, at Beginner Guitar HQ, has written an excellent guide, How to Choose the Best Guitar: 15 Factors to Consider According to Science. Ray's guide gives you the most current, detailed and practical tips on choosing the right guitar so that it is specifically designed for your personal needs. Both acoustic and electric fact-based methods are explored in this guide and it is an excellent educational resource for teachers.

Why the scientific way matters

In How to Choose the Best Guitar: 15 Factors to Consider According to Science, Ray gives fascinating scientific facts. For example, he elaborates on how sound travels differently through various materials. Did you know that sound travels through wood almost 13 times faster than through air? Plus, the type of wood used makes a huge impact on what type of sound you are seeking from your guitar. Choosing the right type of tone-wood can mean the difference between your loving a guitar or its being the worst for you. Ray gives a large variety of wood types that will save you time when searching for your special guitar.

Before shopping for a guitar, or if you are a music teacher, be sure to read Ray's 15 tips in choosing a guitar so that you will find the personal and/or professional guitar that you will cherish forever. Read How to Choose the Best Guitar: 15 Factors to Consider According to Science.