Make Me a DJ

Preview the DAYTiME 2017 workshop Make me a DJ, conducted by Sam Smith. Sam conducted the recent MusicEDU TrackFormers workshop at the DAYTiME Conference. Plus, accept the MusicEDU Suite Free Digital ePack.

Make me a DJ - DAYTiME 2017 Watch the preview video at Vimeo. Brought to you by Music EDnet TV. Sam Smith, Teacher of the MusicEDU TrackFormers Program. Visit TrackFormers at MusicEDU.

Sam Smith, conducted the recent workshop, Make me a DJ at DAYTiME 2017 for the MusicEDU TrackFormers program. Sam has been using MusicEDU programs since 2012. Currently, he uses the TrackFormers program in his grade 8 music classes; plus, MusicEDU's Keyboard Evolution in his grade 7 music classes. Sam has a passion for incorporating music technology in the classroom, and worked at a music technology specialist company before he was a teacher. 

Sam Smith is the Head of Performing Arts, plus the 9th and 10th-grade coordinator at Livingstone Christian College (Gold Coast, QLD). He teaches classroom music from grades 7 – 12, is the conductor of the school’s concert band and has been the musical director of several highly successful secondary school musicals.

Learn more about TrackFormers

In MusicEDU’s TrackFormers program, instruction is given for students in all areas of being a DJ. Young musicians are trained by one of Australia’s leading Urban DJ’s, Nino Brown. The famous DJ Nino Brown generously shares his DJing techniques and expertise with MusicEDU in the TrackFormers program with the aim of inspiring the next generation of DJs. TrackFormers has been designed to make the integration of DJing into your school music program an easy and enjoyable experience for students and teachers alike. Keep reading about TrackFormers here.