GameComposer™ takes students on the journey through video game composition and creation from the 1970s to today.


Students learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of this exciting genre alongside acquiring the aural, analysis and compositional techniques associated with this hugely popular topic.


8 Sessions, each focusing on a famous game and the composer behind it, then analysing the techniques they use and the musical concepts in their music.

Sequential or Module-Based

GameComposer has been designed with the ability to implement either sequentially, or with a module-based approach.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos for DAW & Notation software including Garageband, Mixcraft, Soundtrap & Garageband iPad, Noteflight & Sibelius

Creative & Composition Tasks

Topics Include (but not limited to):

Creating Characters, Action Scenes, Song Writing & Making Music Memorable

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