The Blueprint Process

Reduce planning time & administrative workload, and optimise your success of The MusicEDU Suite with

The Blueprint Process

Gain Access To The Suite

Staff gain unlimited access to The MusicEDU Suite upon submission of the purchase order.

Blueprint Calls

The Blueprint Process ensures subscribers are confident using The Suite with their students, and are strategically working towards achieving identified goals and objectives.

Unlimited Support

Our team offers unlimited support throughout your subscription. This includes:

-Scheduled & ad-hoc calls

-Email support

-Professional development videos & meetings

-Blueprint revision

-Access to Knowledge Base

-Teacher Feedback Forum


The Blueprint Process involves a series of calls with your Music Department and our Curriculum Strategist. The process is designed so your whole team is confident using the resources to their full capability, maximising your return on investment, and ultimately enhancing your music programs.


The Blueprint Process is an invaluable aspect of the Unlimited Support included in your subscription.

Involved is:

  • Video calls with our Music Curriculum Strategist

  • Reduce lesson planning time by receiving customised Blueprints, including recommendations of which Sessions to use for each class

  • Build confidence using the resources with live tutorials

  • Gain clarity with answers to your questions


How long do the calls go for?

The first Blueprint Call is approximately 45 minutes. Subsequent calls are typically shorter.

How many calls do we have to do?

You don’t have to do them however, we recommend New Subscribers to have 2 -3 in the first 4 weeks of using The Suite to have the best experience integrating the resources at your school.

‘Settled-in’ community members are best to have at least 1 Blueprint Call per semester.

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