MusicEDU is the company behind The MusicEDU Suite - a set of e-learning music curriculum programs designed for students in years 6 to 10. The blended learning programs combine traditional techniques with modern methods, bringing music and technology together in a way that engages students like never before.


With more than 100,000 students having used the programs since its inception in 2012, MusicEDU is a trusted brand when it comes to music education.

Our mission is to make teaching music in this fast-changing, digital world easier, more accessible, and enjoyable for teachers, and provide students with progressive and engaging content to immerse themselves in the love of learning music, and give them the tools and knowledge they need for a successful future in a modern world -

Creating tomorrow’s musicians today.

Who is MusicEDU?


Our Core Principles:

  • To advocate for the academic and social benefits of learning music, as well as the advantages it brings to the greater community and an individual’s personal development.

  • To support teachers in delivering engaging classroom music lessons, by offering them professional development and affordable resources, while limiting the time spent planning.

  • To produce music curriculum solutions that provide inspiration and encourage students’ creativity.

  • To positively impact the number of students who go on to study music in elective classes.


“Every student should have the opportunity to engage in and love learning music.”
– Kate Hargreaves, Founder and CEO, MusicEDU


This is the core of our mission at MusicEDU. We want teenagers to benefit from having music in their school lives, whether that’s learning to play an instrument, composing a piece or working with others. Practising music encourages teamwork, confidence and empathy, and helps students discover the satisfaction gained by creating rather than merely consuming.


Of course students are only half of the equation. Implementation of a new music program shouldn’t come at the expense of teachers, who already spend long hours planning curriculum and running classes and extracurricular activities.


That’s why we developed The MusicEDU Suite. It is designed to align with curriculum and learning requirements. By utilising easy-to-use technology, we’ve created programs that take the pain out of planning. Plus, we’re there every step of the way, supporting teachers and adjusting the program to suit each school’s requirements, while remaining affordable and effective.


Integrating the MusicEDU Suite at your school will help drive academic excellence while giving your teachers more time to spend working with students.

The MusicEDU Suite

The MusicEDU Suite is an e-learning curriculum combining traditional techniques with modern technologies and methods to create an engaging educational experience that benefits teachers and students alike.


Designed for students in years 6 to 10, MusicEDU has helped more than 400 schools improve their music programs. You can easily integrate The Suite into your existing music curriculum or use it as the basis for a new one. 

Is your school a MusicEDU school?

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Our programs are cloud-based and accessible on all devices.

Student logins can be created with a single sign-on option for further LMS integration.

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"We use all four programs across Years 7-10. As we have integrated more of The MusicEDU Suite our elective music class numbers have also grown!”

Noelene Stock

Secondary Arts Teacher

Citipointe Christian College, QLD