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Google Forms

Simplify your classroom and save precious time using Google Forms. We’ve made them for you, for every session in every program. All you need to do is make them yours. 

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Suite! It's not Software!

To clear up a common misunderstanding, the MusicEDU Suite is not software - it’s curriculum. This short video will explain things:

Music Production

New Tutorials

We have updated the tutorials in line with the latest versions of GarageBand and Soundtrap. Here is a sneak peak of the 'Creating Soundscapes in Soundtrap' video. Follow these steps to watch the tutorials in full:

2. Select a session within that program

1. Log into the MusicEDU portal and select program

MusicEDU tutorial instruction 1

3. Select the section from the session

MusicEDU tutorial instruction 2

4. Select the tutorial video you want to watch

MusicEDU tutorial instruction 3
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