Studio Sessions™

Studio Sessions™ is designed to bring the world of sound production and recording studio, to classroom music.

Studio Sessions™ engages students as they complete projects including: creating a dance track, composing a ringtone, making a remix, and producing a soundtrack.


3 x Be A Producer Sessions
4 x Be An Audio Engineer Sessions
3 x Be a Film Composer Sessions

Performance Tasks

Performance repertoire designed to cater to small classroom ensembles.

Sequential or Module-Based

Studio Sessions has been designed with the ability to implement either sequentially, or with a module-based approach.

Professionally Mastered Backing Tracks

Professionally mastered backing tracks for all repertoire pieces.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos for DAW software including Garageband, Mixcraft, Soundtrap & Garageband for iPad.

Creative & Composition Tasks

Topics Include (but not limited to):

Remixing, Multitrack Recording, Sound effects and Film Scoring.

Repertoire Included

Repertoire arrangements include Lead Part with Vocals & Chords, Guitar Tab, Bb & Eb Parts + Extension Scores

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