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The MusicEDU Programs Keyboard Evolution™, Studio Sessions™, TrackFormers™ and GameComposer™ are offered to schools as one bundle, called

The MusicEDU Suite

The MusicEDU Programs Keyboard Evolution™, Studio Sessions™, TrackFormers™, GameComposer™, and Augmented Reality Classroom™ are offered to schools as one bundle, called

The MusicEDU Suite

Each program in The MusicEDU Suite™ is structured in exactly the same way.

Included is an e-book for each program and the website resources, which house all the supporting resources for the activities, projects and performances.

Each of these sessions breaks down into three stages: The Facts, The Main Event and The Quick Quiz.



Augmented Reality Classroom™ collides traditional teaching methods of the music classroom with progressive and interactive technology; bringing a content-rich, purpose-driven learning experience for both teachers and students.


The AR Classroom projects are self-contained units based on the MusicEDU session-structure that students and teachers have come to love, with the bonus of an AR experience that solidifies the learning of the Session.


"The greatest strength of the program is that every child is able to achieve something by the end of the lesson."

Simon Smith, Director of Music, Barker College NSW, Australia

The Keyboard Evolution program engages students from the first session and caters for beginners to advanced levels in music. The program can be implemented with stand-alone keyboards, or in a MiDi-lab environment and also includes guitar chords and tabs for even greater flexibility. This allows teachers the added option to split large classes, extend advanced players on other instruments or consolidate repertoire into instrumental ensembles.


"Many of our students haven't had the opportunity to experience music technology prior to classroom music at Engadine HS.

The Studio Sessions projects are a great starting point and after several sessions, their composition, musicology & technology skills are developing nicely."

Heather Crawford, Engadine High School NSW.

The Studio Sessions program has been designed to bring the world of sound production and the music studio to your classroom. This program engages students as they experience being a Music Producer, an Audio Engineer and a Film Composer. Within the Sessions, students learn and participate in key curriculum requirements through performance, listening, composition and music production.

Studio Sessions is teacher-friendly with individual instructional videos for all the main hardware and software options for every session, so you can relax knowing that you don't have to be an expert on all things technology.


"TrackFormers is one of the highlights of our Year 8 Music class. Both boys and girls are highly engaged with this popular genre and love taking on the role of a DJ!"

Sam Smith, Livingstone Christian College QLD.

TrackFormers engages students to practically approach learning the basics of DJing through beat-matching, DJ history, sampling and recording their own mix. Whether it’s part of a music classroom curriculum or forming a DJ club at your school, the TrackFormers program is sure to excite.

This program is designed to be compatible with iPads, iPhones, Androids, computers and multiple DJ controller decks. With the user videos to show you how to get started, implementing this student-driven phenomenon at your school has never been easier!


"GameComposer is now a key part of our Year 10 elective program. I love the way the traditional curriculum concepts have been integrated with a very contemporary topic. The students love working through the tasks and building all the components to their digital portfolio's."

Noelene Stock, Citipionte Christian College QLD.

GameComposer™ is a progressive and transformative program that is guaranteed to create student engagement when incorporated into the curriculum. The program takes students on the journey through the world of video game composition and creation. Students learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of the genre, as well as aural and compositional techniques and the analysis skills associated with this hugely popular topic. Simultaneously, students are working towards a final submission of their GameComposer™ Digital Portfolio. 

Students are able to complete the projects on a range of devices including iPads, tablets and computers (Mac and/or PC). Each composition project includes instructional videos for a variety of popular software options, including Garageband, Mixcraft, ACID & Soundtrap.