The New MusicEDU Shop has Launched!

The New MusicEDU Shop is Here! We are excited to share with all of you the launch of the MusicEDU Shop! Our products are handpicked to ensure current and contemporary features for your classroom use. Take a look...

Providing music products for music teachers and students

Our company has always been about helping teachers and students enjoy music in the classroom. This past year was a great one for both MusicEDU and the schools that have already begun to use our programs. With MusicEDU Shop, we will continue to do so by providing affordable and relevant music curriculum solutions that support teachers.

The MusicEDU Shop is a boutique offering of the products most relevant to the MusicEDU Suite. With the MusicEDU Shop members are able to easily select the products that they wish to purchase and add to their personal checkout carts. The best part is, signing up is free!

MusicEDU offers music hardware and music software, providing brands that we know are reliable for schools where 100s of students can use them. Our products are handpicked to ensure current and contemporary features and durability for classroom use.

We hope that you enjoy the MusicEDU Shop along with all of our other services and programs. We can’t wait for you to see all of the new things we have!


Visit the New MusicEDU Shop!

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