Student Engagement Pt. II

Practical Approach to Boost Student Engagement

Here at MusicEDU, we are passionate about Student Engagement. We love this definition "the level of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion a student shows when learning or being taught. Which [then] extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education!"

“Highly engaged students strongly agree with the following two statements:

My school is committed to building the strengths of each student

I have at least one teacher who makes me excited about the future

These students were 30x more likely to be engaged vs. students that strongly disagreed with the statements. (2018 Gallup Survey)

“48% of students feel that what they are learning in class helps them outside of school.” There is roughly a 20% drop in students “feeling engaged” from primary school into secondary (Junior high) school. (Youth Truth (YT) Poll)

If roughly 50% of students, feel that what they are learning is not relevant in “real life” we must focus on content. Now let’s get practical!

Straight Up: What You Can Do To Boost Engagement

Three Words...Technology. Enhanced. Learning.

TEL is the integration of technology into teaching and learning. Integrating technology into the classroom opens the doors to a plethora of ways to deliver the curriculum. For example, tech makes differentiated learning easy. Students instantly have access to resources either in the classroom or elsewhere, AND they gain purpose as a result of real-world applications.

We know from our last blog, CONTENT IS KING and we have to clearly communicate purpose inside the content for our students to remain engaged.

The technology can be a mixture of hardware and software and whilst there is a sizable learning curve associated with technology, it is a FANTASTIC, DIVERSE tool. It is not the curriculum. The tech should be the medium that serves up your attention-grabbing, curiosity-piquing, purposeful, dynamic content.

The MusicEDU Suite

The MusicEDU Suite is a powerful e-learning resource that brings you engaging content based on industry-led topics and activities already mapped to curriculum standards.

4 Ways We Help

1. Differentiated Learning Made Easy

All the curriculum in the MusicEDU Suite is designed to be used in classrooms where there is high differentiation in students musical abilities. We provide easy scores for the beginners, guitar/uke tab plus extension scores (for the more experienced) & backing tracks for the performance aspect of every repertoire piece – so there is plenty of variety of content to extend a student.

By incorporating the use of the Record Feature, students are able to learn at their own pace. It also frees you as the teacher up to give one-on-one instruction to students that need it. It can build a student’s self-confidence and deliver concrete evidence of learning. At the same time, a more advanced student will work and aim for perfection if their recording is likely to be played to the class or heard by their teacher!

2. Engaging Content

One of the highlights for MusicEDU students is REMIXING! It seems to be one of the shiniest carrot’s to get students to learn other skills. Remixing is a tool that has far-reaching tentacles. Starting points on how to go about creating a remix are provided, as well as some examples of how artists have remixed songs and even how to create a mix to play as a DJ.

3. Real-World Relevance

The conundrum we often find ourselves in is the crossroad between “what do the students want to do vs. what is it that we need to tick off or teach them. With our programs, GameComposer, Trackformers, and Studio Sessions students get an introduction into the industry behind the music through topics that are relevant to them. What student doesn’t love watching movies, listening to music, gaming, and/ or making beats. On a practical note, as the teacher, all of the necessary curriculum boxes get checked simultaneously.

4. Tangible Takeaways

The MusicEDU Suite is designed to allow students to collate a variety of files and gives the student something tangible to walk away with = DIGITAL PORTFOLIO

You and your students will see their progress over time as they gather the pieces of each unit completed. As they build out their portfolios, the end result is clear = PURPOSE.

Why are we so passionate?

Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom, by creating engaging and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers. We want to see secondary (junior high) school students “excited about what's happening at their school what they’re learning” and endeavour to open their eyes to the industry that exists behind the music.

Join Us

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