Spotify Sparks Nostalgia With A Decade Summary Of Your Most Played Music

With only a few weeks until the end of another decade, Spotify has taken a moment to wrap up the past 10 years for us music lovers with great nostalgia.

The 2010s may have flown by or felt like waiting for the last class on a Friday afternoon to finish – either way, the world has changed, and your taste in tunes has probably as well! From 2010 to 2019 you have likely discovered upcoming artists, established musicians, and thrown it back to reminiscing with iconic classics.

This year Spotify is gifting listeners their annual ‘Spotify Wrapped’ and an additional experience to highlight your listening habits of the past decade. Simply log in to your Spotify app or browse You will discover your most played artists, top songs, podcasts, total minutes streamed and more!

Share your results with your nearest and dearest through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook with a personalised “2019 Wrapped” or “My Decade Wrapped” share card.