Save time with this feature from MusicEDU

As a music instructor, you are continually on the run and looking for ways to save time in your classroom. The MusicEDU programs alleviate those stresses and headaches. Keep reading for more details on how you can remedy your classroom time-crunch concerns.

MusicEDU time-saver online quizzes

Online automated quizzes are excellent for both you as the teacher and for your students. For you, online music quizzes create hassle-free testing. At the end of the day, you don't have to sit for hours grading dozens of tests, nor do you have to spend time creating new future tests. For your students, when they know there will be a test or quiz to judge their knowledge, they are definitely more motivated to study harder.

The MusicEDU programs, updated annually, enable students to take quizzes via the website. The quizzes are marked and placed in the teachers' classrooms automatically (no marking!!!). The instructors decide when their students see the quizzes and also have the ability to export the results to Excel for their teaching records. Students are able to review their answers prior to submitting and even have one opportunity to improve their results.