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12th August 2021

MusicEDU Searching For Talent For New Season of ‘The Voice’

Is It Your Time To Shine?

  • MusicEDU is now supporting the new season and auditions for The Voice and The Voice Generations and is calling on schools and teachers in high schools to put forward their talented students

  • The audition tour starts in early September, apply now via:

MusicEDU is thrilled to announce that it has been invited to join forces and help to support the next season and auditions for The Voice and The Voice Generations.

The Voice 2021 season is live following the coverage of the Olympics, and MusicEDU will be responsible for promoting auditions for the 2022 season of The Voice, Season 11.

The Voice is a phenomenal vehicle for promoting music and music-making, aligning with MusicEDU’s core values - to advocate for the academic and social benefits of learning music, as well as the advantages it brings to the greater community and an individual’s personal development.

MusicEDU founder, Kate Hargreaves, is an avid fan of the way in which The Voice showcases such deserving Australian talent at a global level, and is delighted to be on board.

I’ll never forget seeing the moment when Karise Eden turned all four judges in an instant. There’s something about the show and seeing the journey of each of the contestants that really gets you on the edge of your seat,” said Hargreaves.

What is particularly wonderful about the show is that it’s a fantastic learning experience for all who enter. The Voice Generations is also going to be amazing - to see the breadth of Australian talent across different generations. Plus, it opens up a lot more variety to the show which will make for exciting viewing!

Could the next Karise be a student at your school? Do you remember this? Imagine if this was a student at your school! Imagine if this was you!

The Voice 2022 - Season 11

More than ever before, season 11 of The Voice is on the hunt for ‘Everyday Australians’. People from all walks of life who believe that it could just be their time to shine.

The show is on the hunt for hidden gems. The teacher who finally feels ready for the spotlight, the student who wants to take their shot at the big stage, or the parent or carer who feels ready to have another go after selflessly giving up their music dreams long ago.

The only question to ask yourself is, is this my time?

If you dare to dream that the answer is yes, then don’t waste another second - The Voice 2022 Audition Tour starts in September, so make sure you apply now to avoid missing out!

The Voice Generations

This worldwide first is a twist on the global singing-competition sensation. The Voice - Generations is an exciting new format that extends the invitation to families and friends who are musicians, performers and singers, to join the stage at the same time.

MusicEDU wants to celebrate the music that flows through our great country, and how better to do that than to see Australian families performing on the big stage together!

Each ‘act’ must contain at least one main vocalist and must reflect at least two generations.

MusicEDU has provided some ideas for schools to get involved in this exciting season:

  • Encourage parents and/or grandparents to perform with their children and/or grandchildren

  • Have teachers performing with students

  • Pair up Alumni with Teachers and/or current students (as long as the Alumni represent a different generation to the students/teachers)

  • Collaborate with nursing homes to having our wonderful Aussie elders performing with students

MusicEDU founder, Kate Hargreaves, comments, “We believe in you and we support your music education journey, so we’re here to encourage you to reach for the stars and dare to dream that it is your time to shine!”


Notes to Editors

The audition tour for the next season of The Voice Australia starts in early September, apply now via:

For media enquiries, please contact:

Margaux Carpenter

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