My My My! The Australian Pop Icon Is Coming Home

Aussie pop icon - Troye Sivan, whose rise to fame started by recording self-made videos on Youtube, has recently announced he will be touring around his home country in September this year.

Sivan is a testimony of the opportunity Youtube can create for young people. His authentic creativity partnered with savvy entrepreneurial skills has lead the 24-year-old to an already sensational career, including starring in film roles and having his hits feature in the top 5 of the US Billboard Charts on multiple occasions.

Born in Johannesburg, Troye moved to Australia with his family and grew up in Perth. His newfound fame took flight after plugging his creativity at local events and publishing videos on Youtube. He soon grew his following on the popular platform which assisted the launch of his entertainment career and discovery by a major record label. Sivan now identifies his music genre under the title, ’Frisky Pop’, and his inspiration is sourced from his personal life and fantasies.

YouTubers in the general term, have a fascinating experience of hosting unusually close virtual relationships with their followers. This can be incredibly beneficial for influencers if they choose to venture into new career opportunities away from Youtube. Followers often foster loyalty to those they have been watching on the platform for a while, and this inevitably can enhance YouTubers opportunities for success.

The multi-talented young man, Troye Sivan, has successfully collaborated with artists such as Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, Martin Garrix and Alessia Cara, and has since launched his second album, Bloom, last year. Sivan kicked off his Bloom Tour in September last year and sold out more than 50 tour dates across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. He has announced that the tour will come to Australia and New Zealand through September this year, performing in Auckland, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and finally, Melbourne.

Tickets for The Bloom Tour are on sale now. See for more details.

The Bloom Tour Dates & Details

Perth: HBF Stadium, September 16

Adelaide: Adelaide Entertainment Centre, September 18

Sydney: Hordern Pavilion, September 20

Brisbane: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, September 23

Melbourne: Margaret Court Arena, September 25