MusicEDU Professional Development Videos

MusicEDU provides Professional Development videos so teachers can maintain and improve their teaching practice and accreditation. Continue reading for details and PD updates...

Music Professional Development Videos

Yes! Teachers are welcome to watch PD videos and accrue Professional Development hours through MusicEDU. After watching the videos, your time will be automatically registered and MusicEDU will send you a certificate. (You must watch the videos fully before our system will automatically register your time.) 

Each video series is categorized. A few of the topics are:

  • Music Technology PD

  • Curriculum PD

  • Programming PD

  • Student Differentiation PD

  • Video Game PD

  • Music software PD

Steps to watch MusicEDU Professional Development videos

  1. Log into the MusicEDU website

  2. Select the MusicEDU program from the drop-down menu in the top, right-hand side of the page.

  3. Look in the left sidebar and click on Teacher Resources.

  4. Within the Teacher Resources scroll-down menu you will see the PD categories.

We look forward to sending your certificate.

NSW Education Standards Authority

For guidelines of accreditation and 2018 updates, visit the NSW Education Standards Authority website.