Music technology gear update for 2018!

In this music gear update, we will provide you with some of the most popular and amazing music innovative ideas and products that have been most recently created. These are boosting music technology in 2018!

MusicEDU technology gear for 2018

First, we want to share with you information about the 2018 MusicEDU gear. Plus, how you can purchase equipment through MusicEDU.

The MusicEDU Suite gives teachers access to all of the MusicEDU programs. There are no limitations to the number of students that can be logged into the resources. This means that teachers can customise and build a curriculum for each year with a mix of the MusicEDU programs. After logging into the MusicEDU website, students will only see what their teachers have given them access to view. The best part is, the MusicEDU Suite costs less than $1 per week per student. Find out more by requesting the MusicEDU Suite ePack right here:

More music technology gear for 2018

1. Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic In a previous blog, we informed you of this innovative gear. The pocket-size, totally portable operators have studio-quality sound and are compatible with your other gear. They give you the flexibility you need when on-the-go.

To read our blog post, Create a Band In Your Pocket, click here. You will find links where you can listen to sound samples and find where you can buy this fun gear.

We appreciate for listing the following equipment. Let us know if you are using any of these and please send us your feedback on their performance.

2. Nuraphone: Wow! This device automatically tunes to your specific hearing and focus with its self-learning engine.

3. Sonicsmith Audio Controlled Oscillator: explains that their Audio Controlled Oscillator is expected to have a great impact on the music-making process, plus activate a brand new kind of analog sequencing and synthesis. continues: 'The ACO chip can track the fundamental frequency (aka pitch) of an incoming audio signal and play an analogue synth along with the source at extremely high and dynamic rates so latency is imperceptible. In fact, the ACO’s latency cannot be measured in milliseconds. You’ll have to steer off to single-digit microseconds to measure latency from this silicon marvel. This ACO can also harmonise from the input audio on a musical scale. The result? It’s the quickest and smoothest “pitch-tracking and harmonisation” effect you’ve ever heard. Only this is not a sound effect. It’s an actual synth.'

4. Sensel Morph: This pressure-sensitive, multitouch input device can be turned into a music production controller or even a piano keyboard. It is totally customisable for what you want.

5. Accusonus Regroover Pro (VST/AU/AAX): a plugin that gives more sample-transforming power and is believed 'to be able to "unmix" sampled loops into their component "layers" (kick, hats, snare, etc.) for MIDI triggering.' It was initially made for drums, but the developers suggest 'input of any and all musical material, highlighting Regroover's experimental angle'. 

6. Loopmasters Loopcloud provides access of your samples from anywhere. Loopmasters Director, Matt Pelling states, 'Everyone at Loopmasters makes music, and it's long been our goal to unify our ever-expanding catalogue of samples and presets in a bespoke app that seamlessly integrates within the DAW. Loopcloud is the realisation of that goal, and we're immensely proud of this new direction.'

7. Polyend Perc Pro is a drum and percussion system that can perform most 'human' drumming tasks. It is 'designed to turn any surface into a MIDI-controlled drum machine.'


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