Music game technology in the classroom

Daily, music technology is inspiring and engaging students in the classroom! Gaming technology and video game music are impacting and paving the way to innovative education practices. The opportunities are endless for bringing the love of music to students.

Video game technology in the classroom

For years there has been controversy and the question of whether or not music game technology gets in the way of music teaching. Sometimes the reason stems from a lack of proper equipment and resources in the classroom. Another factor that leads to hesitance could be a lack of skill or teachers are unfamiliar with gaming music technology. Music & video game technology is here to stay, and we've got you covered at MusicEDU!

GameComposer provides it all! 

Teachers, you no longer have to feel hesitant to supply your students with a technology-rich music curriculum featuring video game music. MusicEDU has already done the development so you can focus on the delivery.

The GameComposer program consists of a digital ebook and website resources; plus, as teachers have come to expect from the MusicEDU programs, all the resources that are required to use the programs have been included, making it easy to integrate into a current program or run as a stand-alone unit of work. You’ll find all the support videos, YouTube clips, extension activities, assessment ideas and revision quizzes already done and organised for you on the GameComposer website portal.

Utilise MusicEDU game technology

Utilising the latest gaming music technology, the MusicEDU GameComposer program is effective, easy to understand, comprehensive and engaging. GameComposer is designed to easily integrate the use of game technology into the classroom environment.

You're going to love GameComposer and your students will be lining up to take part! Take them on the journey through video game composition and creation from the 1970s to now. They will learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of the genre, as well as aural and compositional techniques and analysis skills associated with this hugely popular topic.

Why MusicEDU?

At the very core of every MusicEDU lesson plan is the central idea that students should be able to learn and love music, whilst at the same time understand the core elements and key concepts. Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers.

Get It Now: The NEW MusicEDU SUITE!

Teachers! You can now have UNLIMITED access to all Five MusicEDU programs with no limitations to the number of students accessing the resources. Customise and build the curriculum for each individual year or class, with a mix of your choice of programs: GameComposer™, Keyboard Evolution™, Studio Sessions™, TrackFormers™ and AR Classroom™.