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Do you need new ideas, music education resources, music technology resources, programs and tools for your music classroom? Music teaching blogs and web-based resources are a great way to find them. In addition to MusicEDU, keep the following in your support network for instant inspiration.


Keeping up with the newest audio technology and how it’s used can be challenging and even possibly daunting at times. Following are music technology blogs, music education blogs and web-based music resources that will assist you in your quick-paced professional life in audio production and music technology....

First, click here to visit our own music education & technology blog. Plus, check out the MusicEDU Suite designed to engage students and support you as you teach music. Our mission is to give every young person the opportunity to enjoy music and music technology in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers.

Technology in Music

Christopher J. Russell, PhD, is the author of the Technology in Music Education Blog and several music technology books. Dr Russell is an expert in technology integration into music education. Within Dr Russell's blog and website you will find his technology expertise and resources are definitely a must-follow. Included are: app lists, app reviews, warm-ups for iPads, iPad FAQ, books, presentations and recommendations. Read the Technology in Music Blog here. To read more about Dr Russell, go here.

SmartMusic: The Music Educator Blog

Experience the popular teaching blog posts and podcasts at the music education blog, SmartMusic is excellent for all levels, elementary through college. Through learning the software of the music education platform, teachers and students are connected. Lesson plans and assignments can be created from their vast library. SmartMusic's web-based version gives music educators new and exciting resources for success in the classroom.

Also available, is the free eBook10 Practical Approaches to Being a More Effective Music Teacher. The Music Educator Blog is definitely one to bookmark and follow for its rich, in-depth music education tips for teachers. If you teach choir, band, orchestra or string you will benefit from the engaging real-world tips of The Music Educator Blog.

The music technology blog,, gives current information and resources in music technology and music education. This blog was one of the first blogs on the subjects of music education and music technology. Dr Joseph M. Pisano founded the Mustech Blog and was later joined by Amy M. Burns. To read their posts and conversations about music education & technology, go here.

Midnight Music

The Midnight Music Blog and website specialise in training classroom teachers and instrumental music teachers. Midnight Music also runs sessions for composers, songwriters and arrangers. Midnight Music simplifies technology for music teachers through lesson plans, workshops and online courses. Katie Wardrobe, Director of Midnight Music, is a music technology trainer, presenter and consultant with a passion for helping music teachers. Also, visit the Midnight Music Podcast filled with tech talk and what you need for your music classroom. You will definitely benefit from Katie's engaging Midnight Music Blog.

Katie Wardrobe is also the author of the MusicEDU program, Studio Sessions. Students are engaged as they experience being a music producer, an audio engineer and a film composer. They also take on projects including creating a dance track, composing a ringtone, creating a remix and composing a soundtrack - to name a few!

Recording Revolution

Graham Cochrane is the founder of The Recording Revolution. With 200,000 readers, Graham's blog addresses the field of music technology and how to make great-sounding music. He writes for all levels of musicians and recording engineers. With a subscription, you can receive Graham's 6 Steps for Creating a Radio-Worthy Song from scratch using budget equipment in your bedroom or home studio. Visit The Recording Revolution Blog.

Jason Timothy, founder of is a professional music producer, DJ, Ableton trainer, coach and author of Music Habits: The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production. In Jason's blog, you will find an expert blend of technical methods. Jason also teaches mental training that can reprogram the brain toward focus, creativity and motivation. Besides Jason's Music Software Training blog he uses Youtube and other social media platforms to teach and train.

Bobby Owsinski Music Production Blog

Bobby Owsinski is a musician, trainer, coach, producer, engineer, and blog writer. He is also the writer of 23 books on music, music technology, recording and the music business. Bobby's Music Production Blog features a new post every weekday. While visiting his website, you can download The 6 Trouble Frequencies That Could Ruin Your Mix Cheat Sheet. You will learn how to bring separation and clarity to your mixes while also reducing the frustration. Read the Bobby Owsinski Music Production Blog.

Pulse College

Located in Ireland, Pulse College specialises in audio, sound engineering and music technology. Windmill Lane Recording Studios, owned and operated by Pulse College, has trained world-renowned audio technicians who now have successful careers in music, gaming, film and digital media. Visit the Pulse College Blog here.

The Musicians Way Blog

The Musicians Way Blog is written by the renowned Gerald Klickstein, author of The Musicians Way. Both his book and blog complement the classroom and teachers' music lessons. You will find rich content for both educators and performers of all levels. The blog and book also will assist you in areas like conquering stage fright, how to improve your music practice and instructions on building a music career. Instructing others on becoming successful musicians is one of Dr. Klickstein's main goals. Visit The Musicians Way Blog.

Learning Strategies for Musical Success

Understanding musical success is the aim of Learning Strategies for Musical Success and Music and Keyboard in the Classroom, by Michael Griffin. His books and blog illustrate how both the quality and quantity of practice is what he considers to be the greatest predictor of musical success.

Mr. Griffin does not believe that talent and success come from DNA. Instead, practice is the key that leads all aspiring musicians in producing expert performances. For more details and information, visit Michael Griffin's Music Education World. Through the Learning Strategies for Musical Success blog, books and resources, educators can gain great insight into improving methods and mindsets toward music success.

Australian Institute of Music Blog

Want to submit music blog posts? You can do just that at AIM. Discover a variety of exciting music teaching posts from all levels of educators. The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) 'delivers innovative education for careers in the Australian music, entertainment & performing arts industries.' As a leading independent education provider in Sydney and Melbourne, AIM's courses in music & performing arts offer accredited tertiary music degrees. AIM is dedicated to educate and empower practitioners and encourages them to be proactive in their careers. Read the AIM Blog.