Motivate students with music video games and esports!

By their very nature, music video games motivate young minds whilst instructors utilise their intrinsic teaching principles. eSports and gaming communities have become larger than the film industry. Continue reading to find out how MusicEDU’s GameComposer program will change how you teach your students.

eSports in Australia

As we all have witnessed, video gaming is an extremely popular industry called Electronic Sports or eSports. Communities of gamers meet for tournaments and teams compete for serious money through playing video games. The next great tournament lands in Sydney on 6th – 7th May. For details, click here. The Australian team, established in 2013, is hoping to beat their larger international competitors.

The Fascinating way to Motivate your students!

Your school can conduct its own competitions by first instructing your students with the fascinating program, GameComposer. You can challenge your students as you guide them through mythical worlds whilst teaching them the musical elements being used by the composers of Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Halo, and Super Mario.

Music Video Games: How students benefit.

The music video game progression provides students with decision-making, goal-engagement, objectives, rewards, problem-solving and applying abstract thinking to actual situations; plus, assessing what is learned and comprehended.

Whilst you use the MusicEDU digital eBook and website resources, your students will complete live performances, composition tasks and musicology activities. It has already been done for you so that you can focus on the delivery. You will find the following already developed, ready and organised for you: support videos, YouTube clips, extension activities, assessment ideas and revision quizzes.

The MusicEDU GameComposer sessions include: creating characters, building soundtracks, action scenes, creating worlds and soundscape engineers. Curriculum content includes listening techniques with the elements of music, compositional devices, graphic notation, and leitmotif plus so much more. Students work toward a final submission of their digital portfolio, as well as musicology and aural assessments. 



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