Merry Christmas from MusicEDU!

Merry Christmas! 2017 has been an exciting and inspiring year at MusicEDU! Continue reading for the amazing new offer we have for all schools: The MusicEDU Suite. Schools now have UNLIMITED access to all four of the technology-rich, MusicEDU Programs with the ability to customise and build the perfect program for their students.

2018 MusicEDU Suite

The MusicEDU Programs, Keyboard Evolution, Studio Sessions, TrackFormers and GameComposer are now offered to schools as one bundle, called The MusicEDU Suite.

Our participating schools have UNLIMITED access to all four programs, plus no limitations to the number of students that can be logged into the resources. This means that teachers can customise and build a curriculum for each year with a mix of the MusicEDU programs. After logging into the MusicEDU website, students will only see what their teachers have given them access to view.

Receive the New MusicEDU Suite ePack!

2018 Digital Updates

As always, in 2018 we are devoted to bringing you fully-updated digital ebooks, contemporary curriculum, website resources, online activities and YouTube clips that are engaging and relevant to the students of this digital generation. You will love the 2018 updates of TrackFormers, GameComposer, Studio Sessions, and Keyboard Evolution.

MusicEDU 2017 Closing & 2018 Opening Schedule

With Christmas just around the corner, we want to inform you of our closing/reopening schedule for the holiday period. Here are the details:

  • MusicEDU Office Closes: 4 pm Friday 15 December Reopens: Monday 8 January

  • MusicEDU Warehouse Closes: 4 pm Friday 15 December  Reopens: Monday 8 January

Accepted quotes and purchase orders will be processed and dispatched between the 3rd - 12th of January.

Contact us should you have any questions.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas! Kate and the MusicEDU Team