Is YouTube blocked at your school? We'll show you how to access those videos...

YouTube is the most popular video broadcasting site and second largest search engine in the world behind Google. It's a great tool for students to access educational videos; however it can also be a platform that causes more of a hinderance than help to their concentration in the classroom. Often this is why schools block YouTube. If you are in a similar position and want your students to open YouTube videos, MusicEDU has created a great solution...


MusicEDU has created a work around to access Youtube videos. Despite it not being as pretty, it is very functional.

The MusicEDU Suite has all YouTube videos embedded on the Session pages. As teachers, it's most likely you will be able to view the thumbnails. If the videos are blacked out for the students, it means the school's proxy server has blocked them. If IT are unable to lift the block on the YouTube clips for the MusicEDU website, all the videos are saved on the MusicEDU server and are viewable by clicking on the video heading.

See the example below and watch the video for full instructions.

Example: The embedded clip is blocked for students. Click on the heading "Ode to Joy Version 1", and view the same video that is embedded but not viewable.

Ode To Joy Version 1

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