How to clear the cache and why you should do it!

To keep your computer in prime operating condition for recording and storing music, it is best to regularly clear the cache in your device. Over time, cache can cause problems that are as serious as your browser freezing, losing memory, plus your music! Continue reading to find out how to prevent this...

What is Browser Cache?

Cache is a repository for stored data that is used to expedite the process of retrieving data. There are several types of caches: webpage cache, hardware cache, software cache and memory cache. Cache is used to speed up a process so that data does not have to be recomputed or fetched from its original location, thus saving time. 

A 'cache hit' is when a program checks the cache for previously stored information and finds it. A 'cache miss' is when the data is not found within the cache and the program must look to a larger and slower memory source.

Why Clearing Cache is Important

Cache clears your stored private data, login IDs and passwords.Your privacy is more secure and your browser performs better. It helps in the event of 404, 502 and other errors that result from corrupt cache.Cache removes unnecessary data that would have slowed down your computer.Your computer's load time is greatly reduced. You can view fresh and current website information, instead of stale and recycled pages.

How to Clear Your Cache

Below, you will find instructions for clearing cache in the most popular browsers. (Online sources are listed at the end of this blog post.)*

Google Chrome

Open Chrome.

On your browser toolbar, click the Chrome menu

Click 'More tools' > 'Clear browsing data'

In the box that appears, click the checkboxes for 'Cookies and other site and plug-in data' and 'Cached images and files'

Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete.

Choose 'beginning of time' to delete everything.

Click on 'Clear browsing data'

Firefox (desktop)

From the History menu, select 'Clear Recent History'.


the menu bar is hidden, press Alt to make it visible.

From the Time range: Drop-down menu and select the desired range.

To clear your entire cache, select 'Everything'.

Next to 'Details', click the down arrow to choose which elements of the history to clear.

To clear your entire cache, select all items.

Click on 'Clear Now'

Exit/quit all browser windows and reopen the browser.


In the Safari menu bar, click the 'Safari' option.

Select the 'Preferences' link.

In the Preferences window, click the 'Advanced tab'.

At the bottom of the window, select the 'Show Develop' menu in menu bar checkbox.

Return to the Safari menu bar and click the 'Develop' option.

Select 'Empty Caches'.

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