How to annotate on a PDF

Kate Hargreaves shows you how to annotate on our MusicEDU .pdf files (or any .pdf files). Instructions are provided for both Mac and Window users. Knowing how to easily maneuver within our programs will save you tons of time and will make your work more enjoyable. Learn more...

How to annotate on a PDF

Video instructions are for Mac users. Window instructions are below on this page.

Written instructions for both MAC and WINDOWS

Throughout these instructions, if you have any difficulties register here to ask your questions.

Instructions for MAC users:

  1. Open the worksheet.

  2. Click on the markup toolbar. It looks like a small lunchbox.

  3. You will see an extra line of options. --T: Text box. Click within the text box and type. Drag the text box to wherever you need. --Font settings: these give you options for changing the font size, font style, etc. --You can also add arrows or put a box around something. To move the arrow, grab the tip on one end; then grab the other end of the arrow and move it to where you need. --Sticky notes: The sticky notes are quite handy because you can type extended content.

  4. Save your document.

  5. Have your students upload their worksheets with their names saved in the title. This is an excellent way to teach your students the process of how to download a document, annotate on it, save it and then upload to the proper area.

Instructions for WINDOW Users

All of the annotation tools are located on the Home tab. 

  1. Click the Home tab. Then find the section named Annotations which gives you tools for text, sticky notes, highlighting, underlining, strikethroughs, and stamping.

  2. Text: To add text, click on Insert Note. The scroll-down menu gives you the choice to either insert a sticky note or a text box. --Sticky Note: You can click on the sticky-note icon or Insert Note. Click where you want to place the note and a yellow text box will appear where you can log your comment. To go back later and view the sticky note, just click on it. --Text Box: Under Insert Note, click on Insert Text Box. On your page, click where you want to type and a text box will appear. Enter your content. You can enlarge the text box by grabbing the edges to expand it. Or, at first, click and drag to start with a wider text box.

  3. Highlight, Underline & Strikethrough: See below for workarounds if these do not work for you.

  4. Click and drag: Any text box can be moved by clicking on it once and then dragging it to your selected area.

  5. Save your document.

  6. Have your students upload their worksheets with their names saved in the title. This is an excellent way to teach your students the process of how to download a document, annotate on it, save it and then upload to the proper area.

Why won't Highlight, Underline & Strikethrough Work?

Because this is a scanned copy and not the original text, Highlight, Underline & Strikethrough might not work for you. There are workarounds for Underlining and Strikethroughs. Look to the right of the Annotation tools and you will see the Drawing Markup tools. You can use the line to underline and/or strikethrough. Click on the line. Click and drag where you want the line to be for either underlining and striking through a word/area.

Why does a message to install a plugin appear when I open the .pdf?

If a message to install an OCR plugin appears when you open the .pdf file, you can ignore the message and just x-out of it. Due to this having to be a scanned copy so that students don't alter the page, Windows might show this message when you first open our .pdf file. 

Window users, avoid this annotation difficulty:

Always annotate from the specified Annotation feature in the Home tab. If you mistakenly click on the Insert tab and use the text choice there, you will have difficulty adding text with that feature. Return to the Home tab and use the Annotation section. If the background breaks apart or you can no longer annotate, save your work, close and reopen. Then, only use the Annotation features.

Have questions? Need assistance?

If you have any questions or need more assistance, be sure to visit our Support Service and enter your ticket for assistance. Register here to ask your questions.

Window users: If some of the quirks of Windows are causing you trouble, enter a ticket and ask for Susan. She will be happy to assist you with your .pdf difficulties.

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