Groove with this recording app!

The versatility of modern devices is extremely important in today’s world of vast technology. Especially among musicians, the need for easy access to multiple effects is in demand. Keep reading to learn about a great musical app that works on almost all devices; plus, additional info for choosing a real guitar for your creative artistry.Keeping up with what is new in the electronic music world can be challenging. New equipment for music students is being created every single week! Pocket operators can be a homework tool while studying the MusicEDU programs.

Be inspired with the AmpliTube App

Inspiration can appear at any time and in any place. There are no restrictions on when or where a musician’s inspiration will ignite! The AmpliTube app supplies the need for ‘Instant and Immediate’ usage, at the very moment of creativity. Be ready for inspiration!

AmpliTube can be used on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android devices. It is an all-inclusive tone studio that gives you an ever-expanding collection of incredibly realistic virtual versions of that got-to-have gear you’ve been craving. 

With AmpliTube’s multitude of features, you can record sounds and turn them into full songs due to its built-in recording, mixing and editing system. This amazing system can be expanded up to 8 tracks of simultaneous audio recordings. Use such controls as solo, pan, mute, level, per-channel sends, plus more.

AmpliTube features:

The capabilities seem endless. Just take a look:

  • It utilises the same digital signal processor as AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop and the same amp DSP and oversampling option for PC and Mac.

  • For special effects on voice or keyboards, this app can also be used similarly to the usage of a real guitar amp, with or without distortion.

  • This app replicates the sound of two amplifiers, often known to guitarists and bass players as the best sounding amplifiers that exist.

  • There are up to four pre-amps available, as well as 6 stopbox effects, which can be chained in any order that you want for custom sound rigs.

  • A virtual amplifier and a 3D speaker cabinet are also provided with up to 2 positions of microphones. You can mic it in your Cab Room.

  • AmpliTube has a 4-Track Looper with export features.

  • It also has drag-and-drop effects placement with 4 pre-amp and 2 post-amps.

  • The LoopDrummer lets you choose your favorites: Rock, Electro, Pop, Funk, Punk, Metal, Blues, Country, and more.

  • When finished, export and share your great tunes as high-quality WAV or m4A files.

With Amplitube, you can turn your devices into the ultimate singer/songwriting tools! Get connected with the Amplitube app through the following sources:



Choosing the best acoustic and electric guitars

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