Gear Report: Jamstik portable MIDI

Innovative teachers, musicians and guitarists, this high-quality MIDI guitar is a great studio tool! It is entirely portable, versatile and durable. Incorporate this with the MusicEDU programs as your students learn to compose and play! Keep reading for all the details.


Portable MIDI guitar instruction tool

The Jamstik 12 smart guitar is a portable app-connected MIDI guitar that has given musicians, guitarists, producers and students new possibilities and opportunities. The wireless Jamstik connects to your favourite device, Mac or PC, iPhones or Androids. You can use it with your tablets via Wifi. A light is used that scans your fingers as you play. Plus, it has actual strings on frets. 

The original Jamstik 7 (7 frets) launched in 2014. The newest model, Jamstik 12 (12 frets), is powered by the new FretTouch™ Finger Sensing Technology & Infrasense™ Optical String Pickups. The Jamstik has created what some consider to be the most versatile high-performance MIDI guitar on the market. 

The Jamstik 12 supports and enhances the digitized Jamstik 7 learning experience. Both the Jamstik 7 and the Jamstik 12 are incredibly durable, travel-size, versatile and portable. The Jamstik 7 has become a standard model for travellers as well as students. Guitarists and producers prize the Jamstik 12 as their premium choice. 

jamTutorapp for students

Teachers, you can guide your students through the lessons of the free jamTutor app. They will be playing out of the box within an hour. The learning platform and immediate feedback will keep your students engaged. Plus, students can learn at the speed they choose and at the rate that is individually needed. What a great experience for both the instructor and the student!

This instruction tool's apps and software remove the guesswork from learning how to play the guitar. For more details, run a search in your favourite browser for Jamstik, and you will find multiple places to buy.

Incorporate Jamstik with MusicEDU

You can use Jamstik along with the guitar sessions given in the MusicEDU programs.