Gaming Music That Will Have You Legging It To The Dance Floor

At any one time, more people are listening to gaming music compared to all other genres combined. It comes as no surprise as some of the most tremendous tunes have been birthed from video games and will never fail to trigger that good old memory of Mario.

Here are some gaming tunes that are absolutely top-notch ear gear both inside and out of their respective virtual worlds.

Donkey Kong Country – Aquatic Ambience

There are few and far between when it comes to the iconic impact Donkey Kong Country made on video game soundtracks. Composed by David Wise, one of the highlight tracks has to be Aquatic Ambience. The tune features in underwater levels and is as soothing as a good hug, but doubles in hosting a spooky vibe.

Super Mario 64 – Dire Dire Docks

Straight from the creative genius behind the OG Super Mario Bros. theme song comes the euphoric experience of The Dire Dire Docks theme by Koji Kondo.

The track starts off cool as a cucumber, but soon introduces a melody that will set up camp in your brain for years. In the game, the music changes depending on where you’re positioned in the level - incredible!

Pictionary Theme

The perfect concoction for a banger of a song: driving bass, heavy drums, and charming leads. You won't be able to stop yourself from getting down for a boogie with the Pictonary soundtrack for NES.

Composed by Tim Follin; this guy has hit the nail on the head with these tunes.