Enhance video game performance with gaming glasses

This year the mobile games industry revenue is expected to reach $35 billion! Every teen involved in the exciting world of gaming will want to experience how gaming glasses can increase focus, performance and give a panoramic viewing field with high-resolution. MusicEDU's GameComposer program engages students through music video games. Keep reading for details...

Gaming eye gear

MusicEDU wants to assist students and teachers in finding the proper eye gear that will protect your vision health whilst viewing the exciting video games in the MusicEDU GameComposer program.

There are some amazing features to benefit gamers and actually everyone who uses digital devices. In our research, we have found one of the best-recommended gaming glasses, made by Gunnar Optiks. Their Advanced Video Gaming Glasses with Amber Lens Tint are highly recommended by ophthalmologists and medical professionals. 

These special gaming glasses block high-energy blue light, UV and glare. Gunnar Optiks glasses are recommended by doctors to enhance and protect vision when playing video games. They are designed to --improve focus --increase gaming precision and graphics --heighten visual performance --prevent headaches --provide anti-glare protection --reduce eye strain --prevent dry eyes.

Wide format lenses create a panoramic viewing field for high-resolution viewing. Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses create more contrasts of the colours on digital screens. Visuals appear larger so that they are easily visible. Also, they come in a wide variety of frame colours. Gunnar Optiks also sells cases for these gaming glasses here.

Before purchasing, visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist for a checkup. Your doctor can prescribe glasses that have the blue light and UV protective lenses. If your doctor says you do not need prescription lenses, then you can ask their advice for non-prescription protective glasses or shop online. If shopping online there is a variety of protective glasses at all price ranges. Look for yellow lenses and read all of the details, information and reviews. If you already wear glasses, then you can choose eye gear that fits over your current glasses (see below).

In our research at MusicEDU, the above-mentioned Gunnar gaming glasses are found to be a good choice. If you need prescription gaming glasses made, Gunnar Optiks can also provide that service at their official website, after you receive a prescription from your doctor. If you find the Gunnar gaming glasses do not fit into your budget another option, through Amazon, can be viewed here

To consider

When shopping for blue-light-protective glasses, avoid eye gear that is sold for night-time driving which has the shiny metallic lenses that can be bought at almost any store. Some are made with products that can cause cancer

Eye gear to wear over prescription glasses

After trying multiple styles of gaming glasses that fit over prescription glasses, the Blue Light Blocking Shield Glasses have proven to be the best. These reduce glare and protect eyes from the dangerous blue light that is in all digital devices. Clip-on glasses tend to be too fragile for the active gamer, but are available at Amazon and in your local shops.

Interested to know more about digital blue light concerns?

Due to the increasing danger to eyes from the long-term viewing of digital devices, until all devices, in the future, will be protected from blue light emissions it is imperative to protect young eyes, as well as adult vision! Following is an overview of research on the blue light that enters eyes from digital devices.

Why to avoid blue light in digital devices

For teens as well as adults, NOW is the time to start protecting the eyes! Every digital device that you use emits a dangerous blue light that can damage eyes of all ages. Digital devices include: computer/laptop monitors, notebooks, tablets, iPads, smartphones, fluorescent and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp bulbs), LED lighting, digital TVs and flat-screen TVs. Below we will explain why and what can be done to protect your precious vision.

Apps that reduce blue light in your digital devices

Fortunately, the digital world is already providing ways to protect you from the blue light emitted from your devices. One free app for iPhones can be found f.lux. For Androids, check out Twilight. According to MakeUseOf.com there are some drawbacks for Androids: "They also trigger a security feature in Android where certain buttons become inaccessible when overlays are in place. You’ll most likely notice it if you attempt to install an app from somewhere other than the Play Store. You have to pause or close the filtering app to be able to press the Install button." To read all that you need to know for Androids, click here.

For Laptops and desktops, you can use a night-light feature in your computer's System settings. You can even set the level to where your computer has this feature all day, if you choose. All of these app features are to help the blue light from confusing your sleep patterns, but it is just as important to protect your eyes during all hours of the day. There are also filters that you can purchase that fit over your monitor that provide blue-light protection.

Blue light protection

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and it reaches deeper into the eye. Cumulative exposure can damage the retina; plus, exposure to certain blue light wavelengths can lead to the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 25% to 30% of blue light is in sunlight, even on cloudy days when it passes through the clouds. On the colour spectrum that light appears blue because of its shorter wavelengths than the red light on the electromagnetic spectrum.

AllAboutVision.com states, 'The fact that blue light penetrates all the way to the retina (the inner lining of the back of the eye) is important because laboratory studies have shown that too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This causes changes that resemble those of macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent vision loss'.

The bad blue light. Blue-violet light and preventing possible blindness

Even though young video game players don’t think of things like the future of their eye health, it is important to compare what will be the statistics of their generation with what has happened to baby boomers. According to ReviewofOptometry.com (statistics from the US), there were approximately 24 million cases of cataracts in people aged 40+. For macular degeneration, two million people aged 50+ had late AMD (age-related macular degeneration) in 2012. These statistics are a 19% increase from the year 2000. By the year 2050, if proper eye protection isn't exercised by everyone the cataract population is going to hit 50 million, whereas AMD rises to around 5 million.

The bottom line is that cataract and macular degeneration cases are expected to double over the next 30 years. These statistics can be lowered by the proper eye gear protection from digital devices. The continual exposure to the blue-violet light in digital devices will accumulate over time and lead to damage of the retinal cells, which can slowly lead to retinal cell death and macular degeneration, which in some cases can lead to blindness.

NOW is the time to protect eyes, both young and adult generations! Take care of your precious vision.