Engage Students in 2017!

How would you like to deliver music lessons without researching and writing them? Plus, be up-to-date on the latest music technology and engage your students with the experiences of being a DJ, music producer, audio engineer, and film composer. You can – MusicEDU has it all!

Engage Students in 2017!

With the MusicEDU programs, you can bring the world of sound production and the music studio to your classroom. Our programs provide your school with current and relevant music technology curriculum that is easy to implement and doesn't break the budget. With each class, the MusicEDU programs will engage your students in their music lessons and inspire them with a sense of achievement.

Through the interactive website and program resources, you can depend on and feel assured in knowing that you are using current and modern curriculum. ‘You’ will be in control with the MusicEDU programs and you will be one step ahead of your students.

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The MusicEDU programs bring engagement into your school music curriculum in a fun, manageable and inspiring format.

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MusicEDU's 4th Program will transform the middle school classroom! Students will experience the exciting journey through video game composition and creation from the 1970s to 2017. You’ve got to see this!!

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What gear is needed for TrackFormers?

Are you curious about what gear you'll need? All TrackFormers gear is available from MusicEDU or from our Partner Retailers. Review the required gear to startup the TrackFormers program: