Cutting-edge software for MAC & iOS

Musicians using Apple's MAC are loving the KORG Gadget Music Production Software that now provides cutting-edge technology for MAC as well as iOS. Take a look...

Cutting-edge software for MAC & iOS

Gadget for iOS has been available for the last few years. Musicians are excited that KORG now offers Gadget software for MAC users.

The award-winning Gadget software provides 'gadgets' that are composed of 30 small synthesisers, drum machines, samplers, and audio that allow the musician to combine these gadgets and inspire infinite creativity.

  • With the Gadget plug-ins, you can shape your sound with synth parameters.

  • REX audio Loops are already sliced and optimised.

  • Control is flexible while you are looping long samples.

  • Trigger loops and slices with pads or keys.

  • Create collaboration with Allihoopa Corporation's Figure and Take, or Propellerhead's Reason.

  • The gadgets give you production-ready sounds and presets.

  • These sound engines can be used in your favorite DAW. (Check here for operability confirmed DAW software.)

  • The fundamentals are divided into four processes: sound, phrases, sequences, and mix.

  • In MAC, everything is found on a single screen.

  • In iOS, two interchangeable screens are provided. Musicians can send music worldwide.

To experience a limited, free download version, try Gadget Le - a lite. To download, go here