Create a Band In Your Pocket

Keeping up with what is new in the electronic music world can be challenging. New equipment for music students is being created every single week! Pocket operators can be a homework tool while studying the MusicEDU programs.

Have a band in your pocket with this cool gear!

The pocket operators have studio-quality sound, they are pocket-size, totally portable, compatible with your other gear and give you the flexibility you need when on-the-go. Plus, they are very affordable.

These pocket bands complement each other.

Pocket operator models work well together and each model is great in complementing all of the other models. Explore your talents on bass and lead synthesizers, noise percussion and drum machines. There are six unique units that allow you to start a band in your pocket. You can use them connected together or separately.

Listen to sound samples.

Teenage Engineering gives you sound samples before purchasing. Listen Here.

Where to purchase:

You can order the Teenage Engineering models either at their website or through Amazon. Only $59.

Enjoy your pocket operator cool gear!

The Music EDU Team