Challenging students with musical creativity

Daily, music teachers face the importance of challenging their students. The challenge of creating one's own instruments and music is something that is initiated at the earliest age. For example, all parents know how their toddlers love to create their own bands in the kitchen, clanging notes on the bottoms of pans with wooden spoons and creating cymbals with pan lids. As young people evolve in their music training, the MusicEDU programs challenge students through the continued creation of music.

Challenging students with musical creativity

The electromechanical sound machine in the above photo is an amazing example of designing and creating a unique musical instrument. Neil Mendoza made this fascinating machine that makes music with rocks. Yes, rocks. Click here or on the image to listen and watch Neil's device as it creates the tune by George Harrison, of the Beatles, "Here Comes the Sun".

Watching and listening to Neil Mendoza's creation will inspire and challenge your classroom in their musical talents as they hear the Beatles tune, "Here Comes the Sun". Your young students might not even know who the Beatles were. This is a great opportunity to teach them about an amazing part of musical history. Incorporating historical accounts into the sessions of the MusicEDU programs is one of the many ways to challenge your students.

If you are not yet a member of MusicEDU, click on the tours below and explore the fascinating adventures on which you and your classroom can travel. Show your students the world of being a Music Producer, an Audio Engineer and a Film Composer. They can also take on projects including creating a dance track, composing a ringtone, creating a remix and composing a soundtrack - just to name a few!

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