Can We Just Go Back?

3 Lessons Learned During Distance Education

We weren't ready. And rightfully so. Waking up in 2020, no one anticipated the outbreak of a virus that we rock the world. Unprecedented became a buzz word and we were living in uncertain times. Every day there was a new report and restrictions quickly followed as the government tried to contain the spread of the virus.

Growing up I was a back to the future fan… any other fans out there? As Covid-19 swept across the globe, I thought to myself 'where is Marty McFly when you need him?!' Just imagine, Marty and his modified DeLorean popping up and he has already taken care securing a vaccine for the Covid-19 crisis or better yet stopped it before the outbreak could even occur. Amazing!

Alas, no Mr. McFly to save the day as distance education was becoming a reality. These days as life begins to return to 'normal', I found myself asking "can we just go back?".

As crazy as this moment in history has been it brought on great moments of discovery. The biggest being… many of us were not fully prepared to continue educating our students under these strange circumstances. This forced us to spring into action and almost overnight, the teacher became the student!

The Lessons:

  1. Resilience is a trait we all need and cultivated in greater measure in our kids.

  2. Adopting a continuous improvement model will future proof our music programs

  3. We need to shape education to cater for every kind of learner.

While there may be a mixed public opinion about the return of students to the classroom, as this unfolds, one thing has become clear to me…we can't just go back. We are better, stronger, and smarter for having weathered this crisis. If we return to business as usual, we will leave behind valuable lessons that make us better educators.

Now we want to hear from you. What have you learned from this shutdown? How has it made you a better teacher? What have you added to your teaching tool kit from this distance education masterclass?

There's no turning back, let's educate for the future!