3 Classroom Design ideas to improve student productivity

What’s worse? The guy speaking *way* too loud into his phone at the public library, or working in an office during summer while the air conditioner is broken? A no-window-room flooded with fluorescent lights, or wi-fi dropping in and out the day of a deadline?

We have all worked in awfully grim environments at some stage in our life and can see how that negatively impacted the resulted quality of the task at hand. There have been large amounts of research linking the topic of how the work environment impacts productivity, however, the results often lead to suggestions which are not-so-practical to implement at schools. MusicEDU have created a simple and thrifty list of design ideas you can implement in your class to increase productivity for yourself and students….

Pop of Colour

Most classrooms are designed with standard wall colours to enable versatility for years to come. Whilst your walls are usually not as fun as a bold feature colour you'll find on the front page of vogue living- they can act as a fabulous canvas to hold cool wall art and posters.

A recent study by the University of Texas found that bland office spaces induced feelings of sadness and depression among workers. Similar studies indicate that specific colours can evoke certain emotions. Blue and green can improve efficiency and focus, yellow creates a sense of happiness and creativity and red boosts energy. However, a classroom that looks like the inside of a skittle bag is not so stylish, but you can incorporate a pop of all these colours with posters we have included as inspiration below:

Less is more

A simple & thrifty change you can make in your classroom is to subtract and simplify - yes that math you learnt at school is coming in handy!

People visually process their environment every time they walk into a room. If a space is too busy, by the time a student is meant to intellectually engage, they are already subconsciously exhausted.

A solution for this is to archive unnecessary gear in your school’s storeroom. If you miss the item, bring it back after a couple of weeks. For more permanent products, use “The power of the black cloth”.

Using keyboard covers or fabric hide instruments and computers which are not being used. To boost student engagement, uncover elements in the room which are going to be integrated into that class.

Encourage Collaboration

Group and collaborative projects are proven to heighten engagement, problem-solving skills, push personal thresholds of completing difficult projects, and boost creativity in students. Designing your classroom to cater for collaborative work is the pinnacle in 21st-century education.

Simply change that straight line-desk structure to form a big horseshoe or small groups with tables. Another idea is to spend a minimal budget on tech accessories such as headphone splitters, so students may listen to video & audio on the same device in groups.

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