2019 MusicEDU updates & enhancements

The 2019 release of the MusicEDU Suite is nearly here and we are excited to give our favourite peeps a sneak preview of what’s in store for our subscribers: -



Starting with GameComposer, we are super pleased to let you know there will be an additional session titled 'Making Music Memorable'. It’s a jam-packed session with inclusions such as Web research techniques, Time signatures, asymmetrical meters, Ostinatos (rhythmic, melodic and harmonic), minimalism and minimalist composition techniques in Game Music!


Keyboard Evolution

Keyboard Evolution will now have 12 sessions for teachers to pick & choose from as we bring back our World Music Composition Session, and we have added a new Session titled 'The Music of Motown'



TrackFormers has had 5 meaty extension activities added, which is welcome news for those schools already spinning their decks. Students will be mixing their own beats and expanding their Dj-ing techniques as they combine their composition and performance skills in this ever-popular genre.


Studio Sessions (& Keyboard Evolution)

All of the popular music arrangements (previously found in the e-books and hardcopy books), will now be available as printable downloads (for subscribers), from the MusicEDU website. This means we are able to bring back all our previous repertoire and include it as a valuable classroom teaching resource. Yes, all of it.

Teachers will be able to decide if their classes all perform the same piece, or allow a selection of songs for students to choose from based on student abilities, instrumental options and a range of other factors. We know, this addition will be a fantastic upgrade. And the best part is, we plan to add new arrangements of popular songs more frequently, as we won’t have to wait until our next print run! Happy days.


Finally, as always, we are updating our training videos to the latest version of the software, and we are adding instructional videos for the online DAW Soundtrap, updating all our listening tasks and clips to the latest and greatest - with our sole purpose in mind: to make your classroom music program as engaging (and as sensational) as possible.

To those who are re-subscribing with us, thank you for your ongoing support! And we are very much looking forward to the many new schools destined to be joining the MusicEDU journey in 2019.