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5 Programs designed to maximise engagement in middle-school music.

When you subscribe to The MusicEDU Suite, you and your students have access to all five curriculum programs. Integrate the resources into your school's curriculum, and you’ll see students who are more engaged and teachers who have more time to spend in the classroom thanks to significant reductions in their planning workloads. It’s a win-win!

No high tech skill?

No problem.

Forget hours of up-skilling in your own time.

We’re making it easier than you ever thought possible to integrate the latest technology-enhanced learning into the music classroom.

How to get started

There’s a simple way to reduce admin and bring more joy to the students in your music classroom. In just five simple steps, you’ll be on the path to bringing The MusicEDU Suite into your music classroom.


Get started in 5 easy steps! Here’s how…

1. Take The MusicEDU Suite webinar and show your music classroom staff how the program works and what benefits it will offer them and their students. Get them onboard with the technology that will enhance their classrooms and make their lives easier. 

2. You’ll need to discuss The MusicEDU Suite with relevant staff in other departments, such as those in Creative and Performing Arts, Curriculum and Learning, and IT. You may even need to get other key staff, like your Principal, involved. Book a (Zoom) consultation call with MusicEDU and invite the relevant stakeholders, we'll answer everyone's questions in the one go. We will also create and send you a quote for The MusicEDU Suite subscription.

3. Decide with either the school Principal or Business Manager how The MusicEDU Suite will be financed by the school.

4. Submit the school’s purchase order to MusicEDU and, just like that, your subscription begins.

5. Logins for teachers will be provided and the MusicEDU Blueprint, which fast tracks your music program’s success, will begin.

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The Blueprint Process


What is the Blueprint process?


Good question. And a simple one to answer. It involves a series of calls with your music department and our curriculum strategist designed to guide you through getting the most from The MusicEDU Suite. It will ensure your entire music department team is confident using the resources to their full capabilities. That way you’ll get maximum return on investment and enhance your school’s music programs.


What does it involve?


It’s part of the unlimited support that comes with your subscription. To get you started, we’ll book a series of short video calls with our music curriculum strategist, during which you’ll:


  • Discover how to reduce lesson planning time by receiving customised Blueprints, including recommendations of which sessions to use for particular classes.

  • Gain confidence using the resources during live tutorials.

  • Have any and all of your questions about how The MusicEDU Suite works answered.


How long do the calls go for?


The first Blueprint call usually takes about 45 minutes. After that, they’re typically shorter.


How many calls do you recommend?


There’s no set rule, but we suggest new subscribers have two or three calls within the first month of starting using The MusicEDU Suite. They’ll help you integrate the programs into your current resources with the least amount of fuss. Once you’ve settled in, we suggest you have at least one Blueprint call each semester.

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Get access to The Suite


As soon as you provide a purchase order to us, your school staff will have unlimited access to The MusicEDU Suite.

“The mentoring calls each fortnight have been gold - every question I’ve had, I’ve been able to troubleshoot with The MusicEDU team. The support has been fantastic. "

Mel Creamer

Head of Music

The Silkwood School, QLD