Augmented Reality Classroom™

AR Classroom™ brings the world of Augmented Reality and collides it with the traditional teaching methods of the music classroom, to bring a content rich, purpose-driven learning experience for both teachers and students.


Students of AR Classroom™ go through a 4 step learning journey which encompasses learning the musical concept, experiencing the learning via Augmented Reality, re-creating the musical concept and then building their own interactive AR experience to house their project.


3 Sessions, each focusing on real-world topics, incorporating traditional music theory that is delivered through practical Augmented Reality experiences.


AR Classroom™ has been designed with the ability to implement through a module-based approach.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos for DAW, Notation & Augmented Reality software (paid & free versions).

Creative & Composition Tasks

The program incorporates creative and composition tasks, AR learning experiences, and opportunities for students to create their own Augmented Reality experiences.

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