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March 15 2017
Band In Your Pocket

Create a Band In Your Pocket

Keeping up with what is new in the electronic music world can be challenging. New equipment for music students is being created every single week! Pocket operators can be a homework tool while studying the MusicEDU programs.
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March 1 2017
Amplifier and guitar

Groove with this recording app!

Versatility of modern devices is extremely important in today’s world of vast technology. Especially among musicians, the need for easy access of multiple effects is in demand. Keep reading to learn of a great musical app that works on almost all devices…
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February 15 2017
DAYTiME 2017

DAYTiME 2017 starts this month- Register Now!

 The first conference of DAYTiME 2017 is 24th February. Five others will be held in the following months. Have you registered? Experience the latest in classroom music innovation, in only one day!

Creative solutions for the music classroom

Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers.

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