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October 15 2016
How to clear your cache

How to Clear Cache & Why It's Important

To keep your computer in prime operating condition for recording and storing music, it is best to regularly clear the cache in your device. Over time, cache can cause problems that are as serious as your browser freezing, losing memory, plus your music! Continue reading to find out how to...
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October 1 2016

Inspire Young Musicians with Music History

Whether in Beethoven's time or in the 21st century, previous generations influence students' current compositions and performances. From Australia to around the world and from earth to Heaven, music connects all of us. Fascinating historical accounts of great musicians are included in the MusicEDU programs. Let's explore why it is essential...
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September 14 2016
DIY music instruments and props

DIY Studio Equipment

Challenge yourself and your students to create music equipment and props! This challenge fits right in with the Studio Sessions program at MusicEDU. Your students do not have to wait until they graduate to experience being a music producer, an audio engineer and a film composer.

Creative solutions for the music classroom

Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers.

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