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September 14 2016
DIY music instruments and props

DIY Studio Equipment

Challenge yourself and your students to create music equipment and props! This challenge fits right in with the Studio Sessions program at MusicEDU. Your students do not have to wait until they graduate to experience being a music producer, an audio engineer and a film composer.
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September 1 2016
Kate Hargreaves instructing music teachers

How to get students rushing to music class

Why do some teenagers feel despondent and apathetic toward the classroom music-learning process? MusicEDU, a leader in Music Education, gives you solutions in the inspiring music programs: Keyboard Evolution, Studio Sessions and Trackformers.
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August 15 2016
Flipping the Classroom With MusicEDU Programs

Flipping the classroom with MusicEDU programs

Flipping the Music Classroom places emphasis on guided learning. With the MusicEDU programs, classes are replaced with activities of application. What was traditionally performed as homework is flipped into the music classroom and what was once learned only in the classroom is accomplished at home.

Creative solutions for the music classroom

Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers.

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